Friday, December 14, 2012

Fancy Catalogs Can Help Boost Business

A fancy catalog gives the impression of income, that the business is already established and doing well. So, for those companies that are doing well, it may be a great idea to invest in some stationery, business cards, pamphlets and catalogs (check out for wholesale catalog printing for an idea of what I am talking about). This is sure to enhance your business image and also add another feeling of professionalis in what you do.

Keep literature/write ups short and sweet. Use positive and action words instead of flowery ones. Either stick to classy and professional... or go really over the top crazy (because middle ground will just confuse prospective clients). Use colors in muted tones. And of course, hire professionals.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Monster iSport Immersion In-Ear Headphones with ControlTalk - Black

Monster iSport Immersion In-Ear Headphones with ControlTalk - Black is on sale at Amazon right now. I am trying not to regret having bought it during their Black Friday sale (for $67.49, because it's now only $60).

I am posting about the headphones here though because hubby is just really so happy with it. He appreciates the waterproof part but LOVES the sound quality of the headphones. Therefore, I am recommending it to those whose loved ones use their iPhones to exercise.

The features of this pair of headphones, per Amazon site, include:

  • Patented SportClips and Pro Sound Isolating Eartips provide a secure, customized fit that won’t interfere with eyewear or helmets
  • OmniTip™ swivel nozzle pivots for extra adjustment
  • Tough, durable, UV-protected, and sweatproof for your most aggressive workout—indoors or out
  • Washable—simply toss your headphones in with your laundry and they’ll still look and sound brand new
  • Advanced in-ear speaker design delivers true monster-quality sound—adding bass and definition to your favorite music

  • Order now!!!

    Wednesday, December 12, 2012

    Wellness Gift Certificates Instead of Material Gifts

    Times are hard, they say, but because of so many factors... it's also really easy for middle-income people to afford a few luxuries. Therein lies the dilemma, what to give to people who can afford things?

    Instead of shopping for bundle cigars and fancy ceramics or cool shades, why not just give them spa and wellness gift certificates? I'm pretty sure most have been curious about ventosa, or acupuncture, and almost everyone likes to get a massage. Introduce foreigner friends to tradtional hilot massage (and not the cloppety-clop of a Swedish one). Buy a slot in an Alexander technique workshop for people complaining of aches and pains, and a slot in a Buteyko workshop for asthmatics.

    It will be new and interesting, and it will show that you really care about their health.

    Wednesday, December 05, 2012

    Rodillas Yema Cake and Sweets

    Hubby had to go to Tayabas, Quezon and he discovered Rodillas Restaurant, which turned out to be famous for their yema cakes.

    The cake itself is light, but I found the cheese on the yema icing slightly saltier than what I'd like. Either they're heavy-handed with the cheese, or they just use saltier cheese. Although this was delicious and something I'd make sure to get if ever we're in Tayabas... I honestly prefer the yema cake I buy from the Bakers Dozen thingie at Power Plant Mall (because that yema cake isn't too sweet nor salty, just right).
    The best part of this cake though is this small one only costs P120 :)  The one at Power Plant Mall costs over P200, at least
    But I am a fan of their yema icing with pili sweets (because it's soooo soft and gooey). I can eat it the whole day! Haha

    So, if you're heading deep South and passing by Tayabas, make a stop at Rodillas for their wonderfully sinful yema cake.

    Rodillas Restaurant
    37 Regidor Street , 04327 Tayabas, Quezon
    (042) 793 3265

    Thursday, November 29, 2012

    All About Baking

    I thought I already posted about them. What was formerly known as Chocolate Lovers at the corner of Kitanglad Street and Quezon Avenue in Quezon City is now under new management. I believe they just changed management last August.

    The price range is generally the same, with more choices for candies and cupcake liners and an ambience that is brighter and lighter (because it was a little dark there before). They also brought in new products like mixers, edible paper, cookie cutters, molds
    what I mean by lighter (more lights, haha)
    a lot of the same products we patronized, just repackaged
    good they're selling butter there now too
    we bought this and it tasted just like the colorful candies like the one below
    ... which are really perfect for loot bags (and i'm hoping these are safe compared to the ones you can buy in Divi)
    and these are the cupcake/muffin liners

    Because of the upcoming Holidays, they may be out of stock of some items as some patrons might be panic buying the whole lot... OR they will have a surplus of just about everything, having anticipated that. There may also be slight price increases.

    2 Kitanlad Corner Quezon Avenue, QC
    Tel No: 359-1153 / 741-7487 / 731-2404
    Find them on Facebook... just search for "All About Baking"

    Summertime Designs Offers Free Digiscrapping Kits

    And when I wrote "digiscrapping kits", I meant a lot of them. Summer has also been really considerate by providing a link list at the right side of her blog. What's more, she has also been so kind as to raise money and blog about some people who have had unfortunate things happen to them.

    This Mom is really the sweetest! And her kits... all really lovely too!

    Make sure to leave her a lot of love when you do download her kits. Just go to for awesome templates made by a really caring, generous Mom.

    Friday, November 23, 2012

    Mommy Mundo Christmas Bazaar 2012

    As if we really need more reasons to shop and empty our pockets out... but anyway...

    Mommy Mundo is holding its Christmas Bazaar at the Rockwell Tent this coming weekend, Nov 24-25, 2012.

    It may not be the place to look for marshall haze 40 guitar for your little achiever, but there are enough wooden toys from WonderWorld Toys, or really pretty dresses by Dizzy Dress, and even prettier bows from Celestina & Co.

    Looking for cheaper breast pumps? Babymama is the booth to visit.

    What about pregnancy and maternity clothes that are fab and comfy? Then, proceed to Mama.Baby.Love's booth and look through slings and cloth diapers while you're at it.

    Download and print this map and have the vendors sign it when you visit their booths. When you complete at least 20 signatures, just submit the form at the exit, and get a chance to win wonderful prizes (Baby 1st Stroller, Mommy Matters nursingwear, Havaianas flipflops, and more:) at the Mommy Mundo Bazaar raffle draw!

    For a list of exhibitors and other things one can expect at the expo, click here.

    Thursday, November 22, 2012

    Sta. Elena Fun Farm

    I really wish I had known of this place earlier. But anyway, this post will be an offshoot of our Balik Bukid trip last weekend.

    The Fun Farm is located inside the Sta. Elena Properties in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. This was where the Balik Bukid Country Fair was held and I will now post something about what you can expect when you visit:
    obstacle course/maze made of bamboo and a truck... and yes, all that space
    rope setups like these to challenge kids on their balance and grip
    the sandbox area is housed and kids can freely (and safely)  play in the swing, play with the sand or hang from all those ropes
    these little girls did a lot of climbing there :)
    and the sandbox house is really great for avoiding the midday heat
    tire swings by the duck pond
    lots of inspirational banners like this one
    duck pond and fishing area
    toddlers can get into trouble following the ducks around, haha, for they might end up going in the pond too
    the opportunity to fish, and have someone thread in the worm bait through the hook :D (you have to throw back the fish caught though)
    for the brave... a rope bridge across the manmade lake where people go boating
    farm animals like pigs, cows, horses, sheep, etc
    animal feeding areas for rabbits and guinea pigs
    horses you can ride on
    and a leisurely carabao cart ride
    don't you love this wash area?
    and there's a turkey coop too (I didn't get to visit the Pigeon House)
    part of the adult obstacle course area
    and yes, the kiddos can really wash all the sand, sweat and grime away before you end your visit

    There is a bike trail and you can bring your own bike. You can also freely bring in your own food because they encourage picnics and communion with nature. Each guest has to pay P300 though and need to  make an appointment to make sure the place isn't reserved for an event on the day of the planned outing.

    The place is really well-maintained and clean (as nature goes) but expect bugs (mosquitoes, ants and other insects) so feel free to let your child enjoy the fresh air, the sound of birds (and their own laughter) and the freedom to move.

    You can course inquiries and reservations through the following:
    Holy Carabao -
    0918 8886588/0920 9131349

    Sta. Elena -
    02 886 8686/Mobile 0920 949 8260

    Fun Farm Bookings -

    St. James the Great Bazaar 2012

    I have actually never been, but I have heard of great finds and even greater food to be had at the St. James the Great Bazaar. What's more, my SIL has been selling clothes and food there for several years now.

    The biggest bazaar for people living in the South will be held at the Cuenca Community Center and St. James Parking Lot this November 30, December 1 and 2... from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Don't be surprised if you see a lot of imported goods (you might find spenco shoes or Korean magic scarves as well as fab boots)  because sellers in this bazaar really source out their wares the entire year.

    My SIL will be selling smocked dresses for little girls.

    Expect wares from all over the country too, as well as delicacies. Bring fans and your own water though (unless you want to cease shopping just to buy water) if you're coming during the day, because the crowd will be merciless in their hunt for great finds and good bargains. Bring cash (of course) and eco bags too, so that you don't have to worry about having to carry things around.

    If you can, collude with friends and family living in the area to just drop you off there and pick you up... or at least let you park your car in their garage.

    Enjoy Christmas shopping and know that the proceeds of this event all go to the Church.

    Tuesday, November 20, 2012

    Balik Bukid Country Fair - November 2012

    Warning... this will be a rave :)

    Well.. the Sta. Elena Fun Farm proved to be a heaven for little kids to roam around in and just really enjoy nature and stretch their bodies. So, I will focus on the country fair instead.

    We didn't get to really check each stall because we were there for the kids to play. not really to shop. But there was enough array of goods for everyone in the family. Beauty products and toiletries, food (pastries, ice cream on sticks, meals, pizza, etc), accessories (bags, necklaces, etc), furniture (wooden, antiques), art, toys, games, clothes... it's a bazaar that won't really overwhelm and most (if not all) are healthy and organic (Hecky's lechon isn't really healthy but they use organic pigs!).

    The price range for the food was between affordable (like the inasal chicken and barbecue I bought) to expensive (P100/bottle of iced tea or dalandan juice!).

    Registration went well... we each got blue bracelets crocheted from plastic strips
    loved this pesto pizza from Pizza Morena
    they have their own brick oven at the pavilion
    seller of Waldorf dolls
    seller of Waldorf wooden toys
    when was the last time you saw horses made from newspapers??? :)  This cost P500 for a small one though so, I'm guessing the paints they use are plant-based
    notebooks and boxes, anyone?
    woven bags perhaps?
    produce fresly picked from Holy Carabao farm (the neighbor of Fun Farm)
    I didn't go near this shop because they were selling Advent wreathes,,, haha, and I might buy one
    aren't these bunnies super cute???
    some of the food booths at the dining area
    the seller of this antique was a Lasallian hubs knows
    these were his other wares
    yup, there was dancing too
    and storytelling by the Acacia Waldorf teachers (they also offered craft activities for parents and kids)
    and games... sack race, coco shell stilts, jumping rope, dodge ball
    the wash area is just beside this, and the bike trail (where you can borrow bikes or bring your own, not really for big bikes and motorcycle helmets though)
    The usual entrance to the Fun Farm is P300 for all activities but Balik Bukid charged P350 for those (I guess, to cover the cost of the extra manpower in all stations). However, if you just want the festive air and to shop, you can get in for free.
    I love that they insisted on people bringing their own eco bags and cleaning as they go. I love that it wasn't so loud, there were so many activities and it didn't feel crowded (despite the large number of families that went). Starbucks was there too :) And lots of celebs. And a photobooth :)
    Ultimately, it's a relaxing trip to the farm without having to worry about bringing in your own food (but you can, and can even borrow picnic mats from them) or not having anything to do while the kids played. And personally, I prefer this to the usual bazaars that happen in the city.
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