Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Shop Smarter and More Safely this Christmas

On my way to Divisoria last week, a man sat beside me in the jeep egging the driver to go faster. It turned out, he was trying to get away from the man he snatched a cellphone from.

Cases like this are rampant during the Holidays as even the poor and the sinful are intent to give themselves a Merry Christmas. I know, it's not like people will be shopping with gold bars
in bag, but here are some tips for everyone to shop smarter and more safely:

1) Have a separate coin purse for the transport fares so people don't see the thousand peso bills in your wallet.

2) Don't keep all your eggs in one basket, in case you lose a wallet or someone picks your pocket.

3) Leave valuables behind when going into crowded places.

4) If you can, go on leave on a weekday to do and finish all your shopping. Less people about so even the lines at the cashier will be shorter too.

5) Use your debit/credit card instead, if you're not going to flea markets, bazaars, etc so you don't need to carry cash.

6) Try to shop early, when attendants are still alert and fresh. Shopping in the evening when all store clerks are already exhausted may result in wrong change, left purchases and poorer customer service.

7) Think of a theme so you need only go to one or two places for all your gift-giving needs.

8) Don't shop alone, so that someone will always have your back. Or...

9) Divide and conquer with a friend/partner, so that someone else can already get other things in your list.

10) Keep a watchful eye and err on the side of caution.

Prevent more stress from coming into your life this Holiday season.

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