Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Review: Kitchen Treasures Catering

How do you avoid a mass-produced quality to food at a birthday party without getting the services of the really expensive caterers? Get Kitchen Treasures to cater to you instead!

We loved their food at a baptism we went to and guests loved the food we served them at my sons' party.

Miss Mylene Sediaren was very easy to talk to (although it sometimes takes days before she replies to an e-mail). The staff was a little late setting up (based on the agreed time, not the party). They asked me if they could set up as early as 11 AM for my 3:30 PM party but arrived at the venue at 1:00 PM instead since they were caught in traffic. That was stressful, but the staff humored all my requests and was set up in time for the party. They even offered to chop the lechon and put that on a heated serving dish (no extra charge).

And really, the guests LOVED the food :)

We got this menu from them:
Beef Salpicao
Orange Chicken
Fillet Of Fish With Cream of Tartar Sauce
Pasta Marinara
Vegetable Medley
Buko Lychee With Gelatin
Assorted Pastries
Pandan Rice
Iced Tea

And for the kids:
Chicken Lollipop
Corn Dog
Butterscotch Bar
Orange Juice

Some of the assorted pastries were just ok but some were really great. I think it was also a mistake that we got pasta marinara for the adults (which looked like spaghetti) and spaghetti for the kids, because everyone thought they were the same pasta. Both pasta dishes were great though.

the centerpiece that comes with the package

orange chicken

vegetable medley

pasta marinara

fillet of fish

beef salpicao

chicken lollipop


one type of the assorted pastries

corn dog

As of November 2011, their rates are P300/head (plus 10% service charge) and the selection of menu is as follows:

Unit 904 PYP Mansion II 78 I.S. Diaz St., Cubao, Quezon City
Tel. No.: 927-5330 ; 782-6450 Mobile: 0920-932-6682; 0922-8239109
e-mail: maisediaren @ yahoo . com

LUNCH / DINNER BUFFET MENU at Php 300.00 + 10% Service Charge

Buffet Table With Attractive Centerpiece
Individual Chairs With Seat Cover
Food Attendants
Trained Waiters In Uniform
Flower Centerpiece For Guest Tables

Roast Beef With Mushroom Sauce
Chicken Alexander
Prawn Butterfly With Sweet Chili Sauce or Grilled Prawns
Lasagna or Spaghetti Putanesca or Baked Zitti
Assorted Vegetables With Quail Eggs or Green Salad With Crabsticks
Fruit Salad
Assorted Pastries ( Mini Sansrival / Cream Puff / Brownie Bars )

Lengua Ala Champignon or Grilled Pork With Creamy Mushroom Sauce
Boneless Chicken Teriyaki or Chicken With Ginger Onion Sauce
Fillet Of Fish With Mustard Sauce or Cream of Tartar Sauce
Chicken Baked Macaroni or Tuna Primavera Pasta
Vegetable Continental
White Salad
Fruits In Season

Beef Salpicao
Orange Chicken
Stuffed Prawns With Chili Coriander Sauce
Spaghetti Putanesca or Pasta Marinara
Vegetable Medley
Buko Lychee With Gelatin
Assorted Pastries

Continental Beef Roll
Chicken Pastel With Pastry Puff or Baked Chicken Relleno With Gravy
Baked Fish With Spinach Cream Sauce
Lasagna or Baked Zitti or Spaghetti Putanesca
Buttered Vegetables
Assorted Pastries
Fruit Salad

Beef With Oyster Sauce & Young Corn
Chicken Cordon Blue With Mushroom Sauce
Creamy Pasta With Shrimps & Chicken
Creamy Dory In Olive Oil & Garlic
Assorted Vegetables With 3 Kinds of Mushrooms
Fruits In Season
Banana Crepe

Beef Caldereta or Kare-Kare (Ox Tail & Tripe)
Boneless Chicken BBQ or BBQ Spareribs
Fresh Lumpiang Gulay With Lettuce Cups or Lumpiang Ubod In Egg Wrapper
Grilled Blue Marlin With Lemon Butter Sauce
Korean Chap-Che Noodles
Buko Pandan Salad
Leche Flan or Banana Con Yelo

Chinese Style Pok Asado
Fish Fillet In Black Tausi Sauce
Birthday Noodles
Chicken With Lemon Butter Sauce
White Salad
Assorted Pasties

Baked Chicken Relleno With Gravy
Roast Porkloin In Fruit Cocktail Glaze or Callos Madrilena
Feticinne Alfredo
Prawns With Sweet Chili Garlic Sauce
Mixed Vegetables With Quail Eggs
Fruit Salad
Assorted Pastries

Beef Morcon
Chicken Pastel With Pie Crust
Korean Chap Che Noodles
Baked Fish With Spinach Cream Sauce
Sauteed Vegetables With Hoisin Sauce
Fruit Platter
White Salad

Pandan Rice
One Round Ice Tea
Purified Water

50% Down Payment Upon Confirmation of Order
(Non – refundable if cancellation is made)
50% Full Payment One Week Before The Function

NOTE: Four (4) hours function time, additional Php 500.00/hour for succeeding hours.

I really highly recommend Kitchen Treasures and we cannot wait to get their services again (uhm, after 3 years? haha).


Ben Sawicki said...

What does Php 300.00 mean?

Mec said...

Ben... 300 pesos :)

But their rate is now 350 pesos

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