Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Continue Looking Good During the Holidays

Some people, in other parts of the world, will have Thanksgiving as a holiday before Christmas. For us here in the Philippines, it will just be a series of Christmas-y merrymaking along with school reunions and year-end parties.

With merrymaking always comes exhaustion, what with the late hours, stress, the sinful stuff you ingest and maybe even the smoke you're exposed to. How do you continue looking good then?

If you can't stick to healthy fare at parties, at least eat healthy when you're not at a party. Immensely enjoying a buffet need not be so bad if you've been subsisting on light salads, high grain fiber, and fruits.

Drink your Vitamin C and E to give you that glow. Use a lot of moisturizers too.

Exfoliate at least twice a week. Use deadsea salt or a homemade concoction of honey, water and sugar.

Drink plenty of water, expecially if you've had a drink, or had coffee or tea.

Get plenty of rest. Nap before having your lunch. Some 15 minutes of zzz's will do your looks, as well as mental health, good.

Bring extra clothes at the office or in the car for wardrobe changes or unwanted wardrobe malfunction moments. Invoke different effects through accessories or invest in multiwear clothing that can take you from work to a party.

Always have baby wipes to clean and spruce yourself up... and a handy makeup kit for touch ups.

Lastly, smile. The Holidays is for merrymaking after all.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Online Christmas Shopping

Who says you have to brave the crowds and the germs they bring just to finish checking that list of people you need to get gifts for? Shopping online is not just convenient but also allows you to give more unique gifts.

Thinking of monogrammed gift ideas for fave aunts or precious little girls? Go to Redenvelope.com.

Thinking of personalized photo gifts like umbrellas and Christmas tree ornaments? heck out Artscow.com.

Got crafty friends? Direct them to digiscrapping sites with coupon codes for the loveliest kits of all.

What's more, sites like these usually offer dicsount or Holiday deals that will help you stretch out your budget as you stretch on your trusty sofa while clicking on that checkout sign.

So, no excuses not to be sharing your blessings through giving gifts, ok?

Sunday, November 06, 2011

St. James the Great Bazaar

The biggest bazaar in the South (of Manila) is coming up so make sure you don't spend ll your hardearned money just yet because the vendors here offer truly unique wares and great finds.

Take, for example, my sister-in-law. I know, we're related through marriage but I really absolutely love the smocked dresses she sells. Dainty Closet will be there to offer you these whimsical clothes for little girls (and some jumpers/rompers for boys, with sizes from infant to four, maybe five years old). Just look for outfits like the ones below:

There are also darling sets perfect for christenings, so really check her wares out. She usually carries handmade Christmas Cards too, that are lovingly made by her friend, which will go well with a present of one of her smocked dresses to some dear girl.

Again, do dress comfortably and make sure you have plenty of cash :)

St. James the Great Bazaar
November 26-30, 2011
9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Ayala Alabang Village

Friday, November 04, 2011

SuperSale Bazaar Ongoing at WTC

The first day of the SuperSale Bazaar at the World Trade Center was a success and sellers are promising bigger discounts and new stocks for tomorrow and Sunday.

There are plenty of fashion finds, from shoes to bags to other accessories and imported clothes but there are also novelty items perfect for gift giving. You are even sure to find some pieces of rustic bedroom furniture to spice up your abode.

Leave the kids at home so you can better brave the crowds. Dress comfortably, make sure you have enough cash and credit and come with a list of of people you need to buy gifts for.

Entrance to the bazaar costs P100 each, to benefit World Vision. If you want discounted tickets though, just print this flyer to get 20% off.

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