Friday, October 14, 2011

Send a Sense of Home to Family Abroad

Christmas, they say, is the happiest time of the year in the Philippines. We even start on it early since Christmas decorations go up in malls on the first day of September.

It's also the season that loved ones living abroad miss the most. Some even make it a point that they spend Christmas here every year because Christmas in other countries just really do not compare.

Now, if you're like me who has relatives going abroad in time to spend Christmas there instead, how about remembering to send Christmas care packages?

Send true-blue cacao balls (tablea) for them to turn into hot cocoa, or sotanghon noodles for that Noche Buena soup. Send a Christmas lantern, even the cheap ones, and send Nativity scenes. You can also include recorded messages or pictures of old Christmases stored in memory cards as digital files.

Send dried fish too, if you want. I'm not sure how long puto bungbong lasts but suman (sticky rice) will hold well in long-haul flights. Just send something your family associates with Christmas. I am sure they will appreciate it.

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