Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rafflecopter: Nifty Tool for Blog Contests

What's one sure thing to perk you up amid those rv financing woes, list of people to shop Christmas gifts for and upcoming flue season? Blog contests made easy courtesy of Rafflecopter! :)

I just saw a friend using it for her blog contest. It allows you to offer a variety of ways for prospective joiners to join, and makes joining so useful because a script just runs from your page. All they really have to do is click, click, click and they're done liking FB pages, or tweeting about your contest or sharing it in Google+. It's so cool, I'm tempted to hold my own blog contest, just to be able to use it.

Next time you're generating contest participants, do try Rafflecopter and have a smoother time at it.

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