Sunday, September 04, 2011

Wah Kee Snacks / Restaurant - Hong Kong

Just off Carnarvon Road in Kowloon, at the corner of Prat Avenue is this wonderful restaurant (although I didn't notice an area where people can dine in... then again, maybe because I was distracted by the food) called Wah Kee Restaurant (if you Google it, it used to be Wah Kee Snacks).

The restaurant sells a lot of stuff that's barbecued or fried. Things like pig kidneys and ox tripe skewered in barbecue sticks. But we were enslaved by this already:

at HKD9/stick, you get yummy sausages wrapped in wonderful bacon... and the accompanying (peanut) sauce is great with rice too!

the other thing hubs is holding is super tender, super peppery beef on sticks

Hotels/hostels nearby include (1-5 minutes away):
Hotel Benito (Cameron Road, Hong Kong)
Fountain House Guest House (James Lee Mansion, Carnarvon Road, Hong Kong)
Guangdong Hotel Hong Kong (Prat Avenue)
Park Hotel (Chatham Road, Hong Kong)
Chungking Mansions (Nathan Road)
Majestic Guest House (Haiphong Mansions, Hai Phong Road, Hong Kong)
Tai San Guest House (Nathan Road, Hong Kong)
Lee Garden Guest House (Cameron Road, Hong Kong)
Star Guest House (Cameron Road, Hong Kong)
Sealand Guest House (Majestic House, Nathan Road, Hong Kong)
Butterfly on Prat
Kimberley Hotel (Kimberley Road, Hong Kong)

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