Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gift Ideas for Births, Baptisms and Birthdays

Say, you have been invited to a christening or birthday party, or a baby shower perhaps, what would be a great gift idea?

Forget the usual feeding bottles and onesie sets being pushed in department stores. Mothers nowadays are more particular about their feeding options and few want their precious ones dressed like all the rest of babies out there.

For baby showers, here's a really helpful starter list:
~ digital baby monitors
~ newborn and sized-small diapers (Prokids, Drypers and EQ Dry)
~ tubs and tubs of wipes (unscented)
~ hypoallergenic skin cleanser/soap like Oilatum, Cetaphil, Physiogel, Aveeno or Mustela
~ CD of lullabies and soft music (or even Mozart)

For baptisms and birthdays, feel free to give:
~ toy chests, both wooden or plastic ones
~ book shelves
~ books
~ wooden blocks and other such toys
~ towels (a lot of people give receiving blankets or hand towels, few ever think of giving baby/kiddie towels)
~ intentional, age appropriate toys (around 3 years old, they can already benefit from play dough sets, or brick sets... kids will also benefit from cook/chef sets)
~ arts and craft materials

So, next time you go shopping, skip the generic gifts and show your relative or friend that you are really thinking of them with your thoughtful gift.

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