Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Full Restaurant - Hong Kong

We had the misfortune to eat at Full Restaurant for dinner the first night we were in Hong Kong. We thought it was your typical Chinese Noodle house but it turned out it was more Chinese-Vietnamese and not really your usual noodle house.

All in all, the food was so-so to good. The staff absolutely didn't know any English so we really just pointed on the Chinese-English menu what we wanted... and still, there were some wrong orders served us which we did not challenge anymore due to the language barrier.

Cleanliness was also an issue. Our group used chopsticks to eat even though we were given spoons and forks because those just looked too dirty to put in your mouth. What's more, the spoons/forks were put in a plastic glass filled with what seems to be tea so, throughout the duration of our stay in Hong Kong, we were not sure if the probably-tea in plastic glasses that were being served us were meant to be drunk, or to sterilize utensils in. Hehe.

this is some sort of yogurt drink with beans

taken before we ate there, haha

For what it's worth, the servings are huge... but I am sorry to say that the best thing about this place is that it's so near Crumbs Frozen Yogurt Station because it's also located at Granville Rd/Shun Yee Street. And shopping is just around the corner from this place.

I really suggest you steer clear :)

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