Monday, September 05, 2011

Fancy a Dessert? Five Generations in Hong Kong Serves Them Real Fancy

We were itching for real desserts (I wanted cake) and it was a great time to spoil ourselves (we were almost at the end of our Hong Kong trip with kids, and just survived Disneyland). Hubby has mentioned finding Five Generations, a dessert place just across our favorite food-on-a-stick place (Wah Kee), and since we had our late dinner at Summit Delicious (same area), it was a no-brainer that we'd end up there.

Those going there with kids might be a little turned off by the smokers hanging outside at night. It's really a small place and if you ask them, they would even tell you they don't have any English name :) It's a good thing this sign is pasted on its window:

and proof of the win can be found here, giving Five Generations its reputation for serving the best desserts in Hong Kong

looks more like a bar than a dessert cafe from outside

it's really cramped inside, it can maybe fit a maximum of only 30 diners

because we were a big group, we decided to order different things (forgot the names of the desserts though)

we don't recommend whatever this is, both hubs and my SIL (who ordered it) didn't like it

this, on the other hand, was as gratifying as how it looked

snow storms are flavored and shaved ice best eaten with the stuff surrounding it

both chocolate (previous) and coffee (above) snow storm desserts are served with nata de coco, mini marshmallows, chocolate-flavored crisped rice and chocolate chips

we were told that this chocolate pudding was what won them the BEST DESSERT (so yeah, communicating in English may be a challenge); this is much like a chocolate souffle that collapses into a hot, gooey, chocolatey madness, best eaten with its other components (there's some light syrup with the strawberry, plus the choice of ice cream flavor) for optimum decadence

All in all, we did feel spoiled with the experience. The snow storms average HKD38 and I believe the chocolate pudding cost HKD45. And although I think there are a lot of restaurants in Manila that can match or beat them, we'd still go back to try the other things they have on the menu... like the award-winning egg pudding.


Open Sunday-Thursday, 2 p.m.-1 a.m.;
Friday and Saturday, 2 p.m.-2 a.m.
五代同堂 "Five Generations" 25-31 Carnarvon Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui, tel. +852 2723 3383

It's easier to find the cafe if you look for the corner where Prat Avenue(Wah Kee Snacks) meets Hart Avenue (Five Generations), just off Carnarvon/Hanoi Road. If you check Google Maps (satellite pics), however, you'd see a boutique right where the cafe should be, so better believe me instead for we were there!

And our little girls were happy!


If you're not prepared to spend so much on desserts but still want something nicer than what a Hong Kong bakery can offer, just head down Hart Avenue and you'll see another dessert place to your left.


Hotels/hostels nearby include (1-5 minutes away):
Hotel Benito (Cameron Road, Hong Kong)
Guangdong Hotel Hong Kong (Prat Avenue)
Park Hotel (Chatham Road, Hong Kong)
Tai San Guest House (Nathan Road, Hong Kong)
Lee Garden Guest House (Cameron Road, Hong Kong)
Star Guest House (Cameron Road, Hong Kong)
Butterfly on Prat
Kimberley Hotel (Kimberley Road, Hong Kong)

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