Wednesday, August 10, 2011

LATCH's Get It Off Your Chest Campaign

If you're undecided about going to the All About Baby Fair for fear of going into debt from all the possible purchases you may end up doing (especially if you have a girl and see all the cute, fab outfits being sold there) then I have a wonderful solution for you.

LATCH will kick off their "Get it Off Your Chest" campaign at the fair. One part of the campaign is an exhibit of inspiring moms and their take on breastfeeding. Another is a backdrop to be provided for people (men, women, children alike!) who will pose with their answers to LATCH's breastfeeding-related questions. The shy, on the other hand, will be provided with Post-Its to post on a board for their answers. The pictures will then later be used by LATCH to come up with a hopefully inspiring photoslide on breastfeeding.

So, the solution is simple: hang out at our booth! Answer our questions and ask us about breastfeeding! :) You will also meet a lot of phenomenal women there.

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