Monday, August 29, 2011

Hoixe Cake Shop - Hong Kong

One of the real perks of staying at Hotel Benito in Hong Kong was having a Hoixe Cake Shop nearby. Google it, however, and you won't find a listing of the cake shop along Cameron Road but there is one and we were patrons the whole week we were in Hong Kong. Their bread (pork floss bread and shrimp sandwich) was both breakfast, snack and packed lunch (for Ocean Park and Disneyland days).

It's like Bread Talk but also reminiscent of Carlo's Bakery/Cake Boss for me.

a lot of the breads were self-service fare and it's pretty crowded all the time here

by Hong Kong standards, bread sold here are generally affordable

as you can see, there are many Hoixe branches in Hong Kong

and the cakes are really not bad (they have a lot of desserts with fruits on it that were very pleasing to the eyes, but I really don't like fruit on my bread and we didn't really have a down time to warrant sharing a whole cake in)

I swear by Hoixe Cake Shop's pork floss... Bread Talk's pales in comparison.

Hotels/hostels nearby include (1-5 minutes away):
Hotel Benito (Cameron Road, Hong Kong)
Fountain House Guest House (James Lee Mansion, Carnarvon Road, Hong Kong)
Guangdong Hotel Hong Kong (Prat Avenue)
Park Hotel (Chatham Road, Hong Kong)
Chungking Mansions (Nathan Road)
Majestic Guest House (Haiphong Mansions, Hai Phong Road, Hong Kong)
Tai San Guest House (Nathan Road, Hong Kong)
Lee Garden Guest House (Cameron Road, Hong Kong)
Star Guest House (Cameron Road, Hong Kong)
Sealand Guest House (Majestic House, Nathan Road, Hong Kong)
Butterfly on Prat
Kimberley Hotel (Kimberley Road, Hong Kong)

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