Monday, August 29, 2011

Crumbs Frozen Yogurt Station - Hong Kong

As we were exploring around Nathan Road, looking for a place to have dinner in, we were enticed by a man to sample a free tasting of Crumbs frozen yogurt. Suffice it to say that the free taste did its job because every day would find one of us buying a cup.

1 'jar' with one topping of choice, starts at HKD28 (around P152.00 or US$3.60)

if you're lucky (and shameless), you can get by with the free sample because it's already substantial

Crumbs has many branches in Hong Kong but the nearest to Hotel Benito in Cameron Road is the one at Granville Rd/Shun Yee Street (about 3 minutes away).

Enjoy flavors like Green Tea Mochi and crumbs that run the gamut of fruits (mangoes, starwberries) to crackers (digestives and Oreo chunks) and sweets (Maltesers, gummy bears, candy sprinkles). I know, certainly something to direct a normal adult searching for the top 10 diet pills but Crumbs frozen yogurt is just soooo worth it.

Maybe it will help if you just concentrate on the yogurt = probiotics part. :)


Check Crums' official website:

A week after being back in Manila and my husband is still craving for the crumbs on their yogurt. It sucks I didn't get to try their scones.

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