Monday, August 08, 2011

Batangus Grill Restaurant: Affordable Steak Goodness

Suddenly, I am craving steaks and ribs. Hubs said the reviews on Batangus grill, a restaurant we often pass on the way home from my son's school, is generally great. And since my father hails from Batangas, I loved the play on the name and we checked the place out.

It has the feel of a slightly expensive beerhouse minus the smoke and noise. The staff were friendly and warm and didn't mind that we came bringing McDo fried chicken for our son.

We didn't want to be greedy so we just ordered their Barako Steak and Crispy Ribsi (?) Spicy Fried Rice. The spicy rice isn't that spicy at all and really very nice. The Ribsi wasn't that crispy but it tasted like the street food 'sebo' without the greasy threat of a heart attack.

Batangus served us steak that was just delicious. We had ours well done and it was still really tender, really tasty, really juicy. Hubs said it didn't need the so-so gravy but I loved the gravy with the mashed potatoes.

the choice of sauces

the crispy ribsi

the barako steak

clean plates after!

Hubby, the meat-eater, was really super satisfied with our meal.

We ordered a hamburger to go. It was huge and heavy and smelled so nice. It also came with fries. Unfortunately, my hubby said he thinks it's just okay and had issues with the bun. I liked it, however, which is saying something since I don't generally eat burgers.

One thing we agreed on is that it's so wonderful to have eaten all that beef without having grease on our lips. We are definitely going back there again (and again)!

Help us support our Batanggenyo Farmers :)
Batangus Grill, Savana Market
Savana Market, Pasong Tamo, Brgy. Tejeros
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 403-3970

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