Saturday, July 16, 2011

MMM Open Climb Schedule for 2011

My former mountaineering organization, Metropolitan Mountaineering Society, has released it's schedule of open climbs for this year.

Check this out:

July 30-31 Mt. Talamitam
Aug 13-14 Mt. Manabu
Aug 27-28 Mt. Pico de Loro
Sept 10-11 Mt. Ugu
Sept 24-25 Mt. Marami
Oct 8-9 Makiling Traverse
Oct 22-23 Mt. Natib
Nov 5-6 Mt. Pulag
Nov 19-20 batch 2
011 outreach project, zambales (mangrove planting)
Dec 26-29 Mt. Apo

It is with sadness that I note that I have only climbed Mt. Pico de Loro from that list. I didn't even get to Mt. Makiling's peak, let alone traverse it.

Open climbs tend to be more leisurely and low-impact on the knees so interested mountaineers neet not use any Black Diamond Poles in their ascent. If you're interested to join, just leave them a note at their FB page.

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