Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hong Kong for Dummies

As my hubby's family and I are planning our Hong Kong trip (which will be a family affair of 13 people, three of which will be hyper kids and one would be a demanding infant), we really had to resort to other people's tips, reviews and feedback on which hotel to book, where to go, etc.

And it is with such appreciation that I commend the Pexers behind the thread Hong Kong for Dummies wherein they have listed all of the usual FAQs, even offering itineraries and pictures of hotels and hostels. Want to know when sale season is and where the fab finds are? Check the thread. Want to know where to get gadgets like digital cameras and an 8gb ipod nano? Check the thread. Want to know where to exchange your money or leave your luggage? Check the thread!

And if you didn't find what you were looking for in the first page, feel free to leave a question. Heck, they even critique itineraries. It's such a really helpful thread, one I'm glad to exploit... and intend to give back to, after our trip.

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