Saturday, June 25, 2011

Increasing Profits by Improved Marketing

Sometimes, there are really good products out there that just don't take off because of poor marketing. And while an online marketing degree is sure to help anyone running a business, it would also be good to tap onto present resources that are cheap and risk-free.

Take for example selling things online. Facebook will allow you to put up albums of your wares. Ask your friends' permission to tag them in some of the pictures because they may have friends who may be interested in your products. Or... ask them to promote you in their walls outright.

If your products are for kids, use kiddie doodles in the brochures or fold the flyers up into pinwheels.
If you want to create buzz, get blogger friends to offer your product as prize to their readers.

I am sure an online marketing degree will get you thinking up more ways to market your product better at minimum cost. But don't forget to make do with what you already have since it also usually results in strategies that are more inspired.

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