Saturday, June 25, 2011

Arugaan Day Care Moved to PIA

Arugaan Day Care used to be in Marikina but it has recently moved to a really big complex at the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) at Visayas Avenue, Quezon City.

the entrance at the 2nd floor

the long, wide corridor where everyone leaves their shoes and where kids can run or bike around

the main area where games, arts & crafts and even drama plays are conducted by the staff

the equally big kitchen and dining area

kids are allowed to bring in baon, but they are also provided with six mostly-vegetarian/organic meals

another big room is the sleeping area with the locally-made hammocks/cradles

an example of what the kids create with the staff

Arugaan is open to all, not just PIA employees and operates from 7 AM to 7 PM on weekdays. Monthly tuition starts at P2,500 for PIA employees and is ladderized for outsiders, starting at P3,000 (please check with them for latest rates).

Arugaan can employ wet nurses for babies whose moms cannot express breast milk for them (for a fee) and toddlers are guaranteed healthy meals. The day care does not follow a strict routine but offers different stimulating activities for the children. Nanay Ines even told me that parents are sometimes hardpressed looking for the proper preschool for their child after Arugaan because kids often already know more than their peers in schools. But whether your child goes on to a traditional or progressive school, Arugaan will still have offered a very good foundation to your child academically and socially, as well as healthy eating habits and a rich background on our local culture.

Please check the previous link for other things you can expect when you put your child in Arugaan.

For inquiries, call Ines Fernandez at 490-5452. You can also arrange for a visit (by appointment) so a staff can be sure to assist you since they will be busy, not just with the babies, but also cooking food.

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