Thursday, May 19, 2011

Soyami Soya Styx

If, when you go number Two, you have to strain so hard sometimes that you feel like you're erecting metal buildings single-handedly... then maybe slight changes in your diet should be your top priority.

And I am thrilled to share that Soyami is also selling bread sticks now and that these help move things along very well. I have only tried the basil-flavored (other flavors include garlic and chili). I won't say it's delicious because it is rather bland but you do get to taste the soya, and the bread sticks are crunchy. More like, they're easy to eat and you can probably finish off one package if you'll allow yourself. They feel light. Certainly a healthier something for parties and pastas.

Do try Soyami Soya Styx if you want to stay clear off chips but also want to enjoy soya in other ways. It's soya goodness in bread form!

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