Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Mommy Diaries Bazaar

Unfortunately for the Mommy Diaries bazaar, it was super rainy today that the flow of possible shoppers was really affected. Even food vendors had to be moved indoors because the area outside got flooded and no one ever ventured out to buy their wares.

But, if you're a serious Mom shopper, I'd say it's a great bazaar to go to. Not only are the usual baby, maternity, nursing and feeding stuff being sold there but wonderful things like couture bags, funky clothes, accessories and makeup too.

Daddies need not fear because there are also sellers of bag organizers, bags and even vitamins and supplements (maybe even some top creatine supplements you're looking for).

And I was super happy taste testing all those cookies! Haha.

If you're coming tomorrow, and you have a girl (3 months to 6 years old) or looking for something to give a girl in that age range, do visit these two booths:

1) Celestina & Co.'s (pretty little things for little girls) - seller of bows and headbands and tutus (check her wares at really cute stuff at really more affordable prices)

2) Ira Arevalo Santos' Petit Ami Dresses with Smocking and Carters Pyjamas - just beside the Stork Studio booth. (Petit Ami dresses cost $40+ abroad, she also sells sailor outfits for both baby boys and girls and some of the smocking-ed dresses can pass off as a christening gown; smaller dresses usually come with matching bloomers or a cap; some rompers for boys too)

Dress your kids warmly because it's pretty cold there (what with the rain). Feel free to bring strollers because the layout allows for movement. Plus, compared to Expo Mum, you can really appreciate the wares people are selling there. I even noticed some Longchamp bags!

And yes, the kiddos can enjoy all the glitter tattoo they want.

If you also buy the Sansfluo dental care package (P270 gets you a tooth gel, a baby tongue/gum cleaner and teething gel), you get a copy of Baby Magazine (didn't check if it was a back issue though). Mamaway and Mama.Baby.Love share a fitting area. You get disposable breast pads if you purchase even just a trial bundle of cookies from Mommy Treats (P180).

Oh and I so love the CR at NBC Tent :)

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