Sunday, May 08, 2011

iPad 2 Available in the Country

iPad version 2 is now available in the country. I even know someone selling them at slightly cheaper rates, both the wifi and 3G versions. And I know many are scrambling to buy.

One complaint about it is the resolution of the camera. Then again, you really wouldn't use a big thing like it for taking pictures right? But ask yourself first if you really need one before joining the bandwagon. It's yet another gadget that can be stolen from you, which will also be fast rendered obsolete as they come up with updated models and competetive alternatives, and another reason to stop interacting with people.

I am not saying it's not a cool something that can prove useful. It even has apps for babies and kids now. But few who own one really NEED it. For the price of P41k (for the 3G one), you can already pay for a shcool year's tuition, go on a trip abroad or start your own business. So, think about it.

If you also need better pictures, invest in a good digicam instead. If you need music to help relax you, buy ipod touch instead. If you need to do a lot of computing on the road, maybe a notebook is the wiser purchase.

But yes, the reviews on the iPad 2 are really good so it is a gadget that seems worth the price.

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