Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Conserve Water, Finish It Up

Helping the planet can be so easy and yet, so hard.

Take for example water. Drinking water. We all take it for granted. After all, we can easily get a jug of it for only P25-40. And yet, none of us think to take water from our homes to bring with us when we go out, opting instead to buy bottled water which costs between P10-30 each.

And when we're out dining, we like having our glasses filled with water and ice... but do not finish it up. Now, how about trying to make it a habit of only asking for water you can drink, and finishing the drink given you? You waste double the amount of water if you don't. Plus, aside from maybe the inconvenience of having to pee (which you can do something about by having a wee break before you go), water won't harm you. It will keep you hydrated, rid you of toxins, and be great for your skin. It may even help you feel full a lot longer.

All restaurants should also make it a habit of using smaller/leaner glasses for water. We can also employ that trick at home, just so we won't be pouring out more than we can consume. And believe me, that will already go a long way!

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