Sunday, May 29, 2011

Celestina & Co. - Pretty Little Things for Little Girls

My niece is cute and well, sellers at the bazaar were trying to capitalize on her cuteness by wooing her with their wares. Unfortunately, the bows they were telling her looked perfect on her cost P340 each! And she had two on them on her head!

We told her we'd run it by her Mom first... then I took her aside and told her to try my friend's bows and ribbons instead. I figured, if I was going to buy something so expensive for my niece, might as well help out my friend (who was doing the bazaar thing for the first time that time).

Well, it turned out that Celestina & Co.'s bows and ribbons are really so affordable! I bought my niece two matching classic big bows (pink with while poka dots, P85 each) and a really huge fuchsia flower clip (P90). She ended up happier too because she got three clips instead of two.

Dressing up your girl in pretty little things need not be that expensive. And it would be sad not to let her enjoy this time of real beauty, years away from accutane reviews and age-defying secrets, so let her dress up and accessorize without giving up grocery money. Besides, buying from Celestina & Co. can also be an opportunity for 'smart shopping' lessons with your budding fashionista.

Oh, and the pettiskirts are just really so nice! So check out her wares later at the Mommy Diaries bazaar at the NBC Tent at The Fort or at her online shop:

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