Sunday, May 29, 2011

Celestina & Co. - Pretty Little Things for Little Girls

My niece is cute and well, sellers at the bazaar were trying to capitalize on her cuteness by wooing her with their wares. Unfortunately, the bows they were telling her looked perfect on her cost P340 each! And she had two on them on her head!

We told her we'd run it by her Mom first... then I took her aside and told her to try my friend's bows and ribbons instead. I figured, if I was going to buy something so expensive for my niece, might as well help out my friend (who was doing the bazaar thing for the first time that time).

Well, it turned out that Celestina & Co.'s bows and ribbons are really so affordable! I bought my niece two matching classic big bows (pink with while poka dots, P85 each) and a really huge fuchsia flower clip (P90). She ended up happier too because she got three clips instead of two.

Dressing up your girl in pretty little things need not be that expensive. And it would be sad not to let her enjoy this time of real beauty, years away from accutane reviews and age-defying secrets, so let her dress up and accessorize without giving up grocery money. Besides, buying from Celestina & Co. can also be an opportunity for 'smart shopping' lessons with your budding fashionista.

Oh, and the pettiskirts are just really so nice! So check out her wares later at the Mommy Diaries bazaar at the NBC Tent at The Fort or at her online shop:

The Mommy Diaries Bazaar

Unfortunately for the Mommy Diaries bazaar, it was super rainy today that the flow of possible shoppers was really affected. Even food vendors had to be moved indoors because the area outside got flooded and no one ever ventured out to buy their wares.

But, if you're a serious Mom shopper, I'd say it's a great bazaar to go to. Not only are the usual baby, maternity, nursing and feeding stuff being sold there but wonderful things like couture bags, funky clothes, accessories and makeup too.

Daddies need not fear because there are also sellers of bag organizers, bags and even vitamins and supplements (maybe even some top creatine supplements you're looking for).

And I was super happy taste testing all those cookies! Haha.

If you're coming tomorrow, and you have a girl (3 months to 6 years old) or looking for something to give a girl in that age range, do visit these two booths:

1) Celestina & Co.'s (pretty little things for little girls) - seller of bows and headbands and tutus (check her wares at really cute stuff at really more affordable prices)

2) Ira Arevalo Santos' Petit Ami Dresses with Smocking and Carters Pyjamas - just beside the Stork Studio booth. (Petit Ami dresses cost $40+ abroad, she also sells sailor outfits for both baby boys and girls and some of the smocking-ed dresses can pass off as a christening gown; smaller dresses usually come with matching bloomers or a cap; some rompers for boys too)

Dress your kids warmly because it's pretty cold there (what with the rain). Feel free to bring strollers because the layout allows for movement. Plus, compared to Expo Mum, you can really appreciate the wares people are selling there. I even noticed some Longchamp bags!

And yes, the kiddos can enjoy all the glitter tattoo they want.

If you also buy the Sansfluo dental care package (P270 gets you a tooth gel, a baby tongue/gum cleaner and teething gel), you get a copy of Baby Magazine (didn't check if it was a back issue though). Mamaway and Mama.Baby.Love share a fitting area. You get disposable breast pads if you purchase even just a trial bundle of cookies from Mommy Treats (P180).

Oh and I so love the CR at NBC Tent :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Safety Vigilance

Maybe you don't really need hot tub covers especially since you're not likely to leave a hot tub unattended, but maybe you also ought to think again.

Same way that you should reconsider reusing old shampoo and mineral water bottles as containers of potentially harmful substances like dishwashing liquid, ironing aids and solutions for cleaning jewelry and other stuff.

The thing is, we always mean well. And we always assume we're vigilant enough. Sometimes, however, just a ringing phone can distract us enough from our curious kiddos and can result in an emergency hospital visit.

So, those heavy medical or law books should nowhere be on a high shelf where they can fall and seriously harm your child. Trust me, better risk having your kid have fun ripping it apart, than it making a bad landing on your kid's head or chest.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Soyami Soya Styx

If, when you go number Two, you have to strain so hard sometimes that you feel like you're erecting metal buildings single-handedly... then maybe slight changes in your diet should be your top priority.

And I am thrilled to share that Soyami is also selling bread sticks now and that these help move things along very well. I have only tried the basil-flavored (other flavors include garlic and chili). I won't say it's delicious because it is rather bland but you do get to taste the soya, and the bread sticks are crunchy. More like, they're easy to eat and you can probably finish off one package if you'll allow yourself. They feel light. Certainly a healthier something for parties and pastas.

Do try Soyami Soya Styx if you want to stay clear off chips but also want to enjoy soya in other ways. It's soya goodness in bread form!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Introductory Afternoon for Parents at St. Michael Waldorf/Steiner Inspired Day Care

I have only begun my awareness of Steiner education. My son is enrolled in the summer parent-child program that meets every Monday even though he is already 3.5 years old. This is so because I wanted to transition him into attending a class and because I want to learn first. I want to see the value of embracing Waldorf/Steiner principles.

Suffice it to say that I am hooked and sold on the ideas, so far. And my son has absolutely fluorished and our relationship enriched by being forced to learn routines and gentleness together.

I have even made my own teeny, tiny doll already! :)

So, if you live in or near Makati (or know anyone who does) and are looking for a day care to put your child in... just attend the introductory afternoon this Saturday, May 21, 2pm to 5pm at ISIP Center (Palma corner Manalac St., very near Power Plant Mall... Rockwell area)!. It's free and it can prove very illuminating.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Kids-Agogo: The Groupon Site for Moms

Kids-Agogo is not a groupon site where you can land great la flor dominicana cigars at a fraction of their original price because it is solely for all things wonderful and beneficial for your kids. Right now, the live deals are for clothes, dental checkups and Musikgarten lessons. I am pretty sure a lot of vendors that sell in bazaars like Expo Mum will soon be offering their wares and services at discounted rates here.

So, subscribe now to their mailing list and register for an account. If you don't need it, you need not pay for it. But if it's a deal you want, no sense in also paying full price if you can get it at half, right?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Safety Reminder

Last week, a topic of conversation in my ygroups was someone's neighbor who accidentally dragged her child with their car. It was a classic accident involving an SUV's blind spot. A friend of mine once ran over his child's foot because of the same issue.

No matter how careful we are, accidents will happen. Still, that is no reason to be less vigilant about safety and security.

Have protocols in place at home, one that you implement strictly. Install mirrors and lighting where necessary or helpful. Invest in ATV Lights if you need them. Install gates, alarms, etc. and brief your household regularly about different kinds of hazards.

Once keeping safe is a habit, it will be easy.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Conserve Water, Finish It Up

Helping the planet can be so easy and yet, so hard.

Take for example water. Drinking water. We all take it for granted. After all, we can easily get a jug of it for only P25-40. And yet, none of us think to take water from our homes to bring with us when we go out, opting instead to buy bottled water which costs between P10-30 each.

And when we're out dining, we like having our glasses filled with water and ice... but do not finish it up. Now, how about trying to make it a habit of only asking for water you can drink, and finishing the drink given you? You waste double the amount of water if you don't. Plus, aside from maybe the inconvenience of having to pee (which you can do something about by having a wee break before you go), water won't harm you. It will keep you hydrated, rid you of toxins, and be great for your skin. It may even help you feel full a lot longer.

All restaurants should also make it a habit of using smaller/leaner glasses for water. We can also employ that trick at home, just so we won't be pouring out more than we can consume. And believe me, that will already go a long way!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

iPad 2 Available in the Country

iPad version 2 is now available in the country. I even know someone selling them at slightly cheaper rates, both the wifi and 3G versions. And I know many are scrambling to buy.

One complaint about it is the resolution of the camera. Then again, you really wouldn't use a big thing like it for taking pictures right? But ask yourself first if you really need one before joining the bandwagon. It's yet another gadget that can be stolen from you, which will also be fast rendered obsolete as they come up with updated models and competetive alternatives, and another reason to stop interacting with people.

I am not saying it's not a cool something that can prove useful. It even has apps for babies and kids now. But few who own one really NEED it. For the price of P41k (for the 3G one), you can already pay for a shcool year's tuition, go on a trip abroad or start your own business. So, think about it.

If you also need better pictures, invest in a good digicam instead. If you need music to help relax you, buy ipod touch instead. If you need to do a lot of computing on the road, maybe a notebook is the wiser purchase.

But yes, the reviews on the iPad 2 are really good so it is a gadget that seems worth the price.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Reminder Boards

Since we all have to wait awhile for home automation to be the norm, we would have to do with reminder pads and boards for a longer while.

A pad, however, is easier to misplace. If you have kids, they are also more likely to play with it, hide it, or pile their toys on top of it. This is where reminder boards have an advantage. Attached safely on a high-traffic wall or surface (like your fridge door), with a pen attached to it with a string, you can now easily jot things that need to be bought and done. Chores can easily be ticked off and the family schedule easily monitored.

You can also opt to use a whiteboard or a glass surface set in frames, and then just use whiteboard markers. If you have older kids, you can also freely use colored ones without fear of having an incomplete set for all your categories.
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