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Summer Program

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Bring happy days to your child this summer at ST MICHAEL PLAYHOUSE!

Reserve now! Call or text 0917 847 0848, or email

Summer is fun and sun and more! We're ready to bring happy days to your child at ST MICHAEL PLAYHOUSE!

Parent-Child Loves Summer Program!
Bond with your baby! Under the guidance of experienced Waldorf teacher Josie Sanchez, you will do meaningful activities with your child, and bond in a loving, nourishing way! This program is for young children to learn to play and interact with each other, with the security of having one of their parents with them in the room.

For children from under a year old to 2 to 3 years old, accompanied by one parent only

every Monday, 9am to 11am starting April 25 till May 23, OR
every Saturday, 9am to 11am starting April 30 till May 21.

attendance to Monday class (5 Mondays): P2,500
attendance to Saturday class (4 Saturdays): P2,000
attendance to both Monday and Saturday classes: P4,500
per class: P800

Day care Does Summer Program
Every week brings something new to your child! In this home away from home, your child will get to do a variety of activities that will stimulate him just the right way, calm her at just the right time. Our gifted Waldorf teachers follow a gentle rhythm balanced with new activities your children are sure to enjoy!!

For children 2 to 3 years old to 5 years old

Tuesday to Friday, starting April 26 till May 20
full-day: 8:30am to 5pm
half-day: 8:30am to 12nn OR 2pm to 5pm

Choose your Activity
Tuesday to Friday, starting April 26 till May 20
full-day: 8:30am to 5pm
half-day: 8:30am to 12nn OR 2pm to 5pm
Choose your Activity
April 26 to 29
Morning: Bread-baking
Afternoon: Wet-on-wet painting
May 3 to 6
Morning: Cooking
Afternoon: Hand crafts
May 10 to 13
Morning: Wet-on-wet painting
Afternoon: Baking
May 17 to 20
Morning: Hand crafts
Afternoon: Cooking

Fees (includes materials)
weekly fee for half-day: P3,500
weekly fee for full-day: P4,500
entire program, half-day: P10,000
entire program, full-day: P12,900
per class, half-day: P1,000
per class, full-day: P1,500

(April 25 to 29 Morning OR May 9 to 13 Afternoon)
Learning becomes fun as we educate the head, heart and hands through home activities like baking! Come and enjoy baking cookies, breads, cakes, muffins, pizza! We will use organic ingredients that is healthier and safer for your children.

Wet-on-wet painting (April 25 to 29 Afternoon OR May 9 to 13 Morning)
Let your child discover the magic of color through wet on wet painting. This allows young children an experience of color, not form. The basis of creating wonderful artworks is being able to live in and feel the colors, especially for very young children.

Cooking (May 2 to 6 Morning OR May 16 to 20 Afternoon)
Nourish your child for a healthy mind and body. Your child will learn to make soup, pasta, sandwiches and dessert, and some Filipino delicacies too!
Hand crafts - (May 2 to 6 Afternoon OR May 16 to 20 Morning)
“Nimble fingers, nimble minds” – Children, with the gentle guidance of the teachers, will do age-appropriate handwork activities such as basics of sewing, weaving, beading, and finger knitting. This will be done in a home-like working atmosphere, where children are free to work according to their own abilities and ideas to practice manual dexterity, perseverance and creativity. The objective is not to produce finished products, but rather for the child to experience the activities in the atmosphere of creative freedom.

Parent-child sessions come with a snack for both parent and child. Half-day sessions (day care program) come with one snack and lunch while whole-day sessions come with two snacks and lunch. All healthy, all organic :)

Reserve now! Walk-ins discouraged as teachers need to prepare for class materials and meals accordingly. Call or text 0917 847 0848, or email

All classes to be held at
G/f ISIP Center
6241 Palma cor Manalac Sts.
Bgy. Poblacion, Makati City (near Rockwell)

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