Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rosemont Gardens in Tagaytay

I had the pleasure to see Rosemont Gardens personally after our weekend from Canyon Cove. I decided to take pictures of the place and thought readers will appreciate pictures not taken by a professional photographer (for those of you thinking that those in their website could be misleading or deceiving, haha).

it's a steep climb down to the house (there is parking outside the gate, just after the gate, in front of the house, and further down in the property's gardens

careful does it

the house

the arbor going to the covered veranda that can accommodate around 100

part of the veranda, the water fountain

real spacious for an intimate gathering

the veranda, from the garden

view of the house, from the garden

a gazebo-like arbor in the garden

part of the multi-tiered garden

stairs going to the first floor of the house

the living room

one of the bedrooms in the first floor (child not included)

sitting area in master's bedroom

master's bedroom (2nd floor)

master's bedroom again

area outside the master's bedroom

same area, the bathroom/CR is just behind this wall while the door to the master's is tucked to the right of the other wall

Rosemont Gardens is perfect for small weddings, cocktail parties, other small gatherings or a weekend party with friends/getaway with family. The house has three bedrooms and three toilets and baths. The kitchen is fully equipped for use.

The property is conveniently located along General Aguinaldo Highway so it's also real easy to have things delivered or for quick trips to your usual Tagaytay haunts. And because it's Tagaytay, don't be surprised to be enveloped by fog when you're in the veranda when dusk sets or it's raining.

The place is also perfect for pre-nuptial or other kinds of photoshoots. One other thing it's perfect for is a private date or that venue for a marriage proposal.

Rosemont Gardens is more of a beautiful, luxurious home than a hotel. And they do offer air-conditioning but you might not need it, if you're lucky.

And I hope the pictures I took has you convinced that Rosemont Gardens is really a nice, nice place!

Contact Rosemont Gardens now:
Km 67 General Aguinaldo Highway, Alfonso, Cavite
rosemontgardens@yahoo.com| inquiry@rosemontgardens.net
Mobile/Telephone: (02)348-0116; (0917)8527528 (Globe); (0922)8680116 (Sun)

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