Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Red Crab

I have always been curious about Red Crab but always felt it too expensive when I already get into ecstasies at Dampa. After all, what pleases me is the crab cooked and spiced well, not the ambience.

But hubby took me on a date at Red Crab at Resorts World. And I loved the experience.

loved this wall, with the classic Tong, Tong, Tong lyrics

Yangchow fried rice

crab, forgot the way it was cooked, with lots of garlic, black beans and noodles (it was delicious but the crab was deep fried so some of its meat gets stuck to its shell, and well, it was really more of a glorified version of crispy crablets... I wish I just ordered it cooked some other way but I was also wary that chili crab would trigger allergies while I was on the date with hubby.

eggplant omelet

they provide bibs to diners

and provide a bowl of water with some lemon to wash fingers with (note the Sapung Mga Daliri rhyme)... and a hot towel after

The staff are gracious and there was also a singer serenading us there. I'd probably go back to Red Crab to sample their other fares. It's only the crab really that's super expensive (that one cost us around P1500, you can have about 2-3 kilos of crabs cooked for that amount at Dampa).

You can ask your waiter to show you your crab first before they cook it. Try their adobong pusit (squid) cooked three ways because it was very popular with the other patrons.

Red Crab has many branches, like In Alabang and McKinley Hill.

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