Friday, February 25, 2011

More Aristocrat Bakeshop Treats

black forest mini cake

rocky road fudge, madonna brownie and caramel cheese square

The mini black forest cake we bought left a lot to be desired because the cake was dry. I don't know if that's how they make it or it's an old stock and just got dried up while waiting to be bought. We did not like it one bit.

The rocky road fudge (P42/pc) was ok. It's the madonna (P21/pc) one and the double choco one (not pictured here, P30/pc) that are really chewy and delightful without being too sweet.

My favorite, however, is the caramel cheese square (P25/pc). I think I can eat a box of it. The combination of caramel and cheese is just real heavenly. I'd love to learn how to make it, haha. I just try to resist since I don't want to need pre workout supplements from bingeing on caramel cheese suqares.

You know the caramel squares from Max's that's also really, really good? Well, Aristocrat's caramel cheese squares are sooo much better!

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