Monday, February 21, 2011

Midnight Mercato

I surely did not expect to be back at Mercato just after I blogged after it. But since we came from a wake and were passing through the Fort, my in-laws and my family decided to pass by and check out the hot and grilled area.

The first tent was open but most vendors were only selling chips and pasta. The grill area was extended to accommodate more tables. There were fewer stalls of course but there were still so mnay dining there... and we were there between 1-2 AM.

I loved the pasta pesto I had (I did not get to find out who the seller was) and my in-laws loved the bituka (P50 for 3 pieces, I think). The taclings (small tacos) were good and spicy but since they used molo wrappers, it absorbed the grease and turned my SIL off.

The hit among us is Manang's chicken cooked and seasoned Bonchon style. It was really, really super tasty. BonChon has perfected the double frying thing but Manang's is a cheaper and equally good alternative. I now really want to keep coming back there for some. It's P150 for six pieces (mostly wings).

The great thing about Midnight Mercato is that it's not hot at the grill area and there are less people (if you're only after the sausages anyway). Then again, frequenting the place might result in a need for hydroxycut advanced or hospitalization. So... moderate visits everyone!!!

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