Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gifts for Men

Women always have trouble giving gifts to men. For one thing, they genrally earn better than we do so they can afford more expensive things for us. Then, they're usually into gadgets and spend a great deal of time comparing reviews and such that it's not easy surprising them with something they will like.

And then, there are the clothes that they may not use. So, it's always wallets and belts and perfumes, maybe even cufflinks and watch that we buy for them. Or CDs.

Well then, why not just give them something we also appreciate? Jewelry! Men’s Ruby Rings. Or anything with emeralds or topaz in a masculine design.

Massage certificates with us. Tickets to shows and concerts. Wine. A food trip of meat (sausages, deli meats, burgers at Mercato) or a dessert binge of desserts.

Or... a getaway. Thanks to groupon sites, you can even book trips to Hongkong now on a budget.

So, spend on your guy. He deserves it.

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