Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Cupcakes by Sassy Delights

Cupcake trees are more common now in birthday parties. However, they're usually just really great to look at but are just so-so to the taste.

Well, not the cupcakes by Sassy Delights. I only got to taste the vanilla one though but it was just really, really great. My husband also preferred it over the chocolate cupcake. If you eat the icing alone on the vanilla cupcake, it'd be grainy sweet. If you eat the cake alone, it will be just like most vanilla cakes (the vanilla is very strong but it's not sickening). But together, they're a perfect combination.

the cupcake tree (image from Sassy Delights)

(image from Sassy Delights)

Sassy Delights sells vanilla, chocolate and chocolate peppermint cupcakes at P40 each. Cookies and Cream and Red Velvet cupcakes cost P45 while Cookie Dough cupcakes cost P50/each.

Contact Sassy Delight's baker Yssa Fider at 0905-6653063 for costing of additional designs and delivery/pick up arrangements.

You can also check Sassy delights at or like them on Facebook.

I really recommend the cupcakes for the taste!


Mrs Kookie said...

Just saw this now. Thanks!!! :)

Ice said...

Hi Mec! :D

Just saw your blog entry now, thank you so much for writing about the cupcake tower I did for Lia's birthday! :D I am so glad you enjoyed the cupcakes and the animal designs! I really appreciate it :)

Regards, Yssa (Sassy Delights)

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