Monday, January 17, 2011

Statements Tees from

We bought the shirts for my boys at the Global Pinoy Bazaar. Since I am a breastfeeding advocate and my sons were breastfed and my hubby is such a supporter too (plus, he loves the containers of my milk, of course), I found this design perfect. I wanted the tube/tank shirt or the venus cut with the same print but still have to find their shop to buy one in my size. I am also still debating whether I'd get my youngest a baby Milkaholic shirt after this onesie.

But don't we just make a cute family?

The quality of the shirts and the printing is good and I am actually thinking of getting their "I have two eggs" shirts for my sons as well. Just go to to order or visit any of their shops.


Heidi said...

you have such a beautiful family!

Mec said...

thank you Heidi :)

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