Sunday, January 02, 2011

Rationalizing the Toy Box

Are you like me, a really thankful Mom for all the presents her sons received over the Holidays but has got to be honest that there's just not room for them all in their home? Unless we want to be tripping and slipping on them, maybe, or have them blocking the TV, the tables or the door. Okay, I exaggerate but really, there are just way too many toys in our house right now.

If you are like me, then do what I am doing and intend to do.

First, reuse handy boxes to make sense of the chaos. Employ the use of plastic chests if you can afford to buy more, baskets if you have any. Use shelves for the xbox and other electronics that will be used often but really need their special place otherwise they will be stomped on. Then, set a rule: put back or the toy goes on timeout. For the really stubborn child, put the toy/toy box in storage for months or give them away. At least, this way, it will be the child's fault, err, responsibility. Plus, having special containers will allow parents to just offer a box of goodies and keep the rest of the toys away... then, the parents can switch boxes and it'd be like having new toys for the kids just because they missed playing with their old toys.

You can also donate or give away the toys. If something hasn't been played with for months, chances are, it won't be missed. Plus, there are sure to be toys that have been outgrown and toys that are already broken. And with broken toys, be honest: will you or the hubby really find time to fix it or you're just deluding yourself into thinking you're Handy Manny.

If the toys are new and unopened, you may also choose to recycle them as gifts instead and not let your child open yet another electronic book or play with yet another ball. Just make sure you don't accidentally return the gift to the originally giver.

Kids dont even need a box full of toys to be happy. Sometimes, having too much toys also get them bored because they never learn the art of make-believe.

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