Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mama Au Lait Criss-cross Top - Review

I first fell in love with Mama Au Lait's Criss-cross top at the fashion show I went to because it really looked fab on the preggy mom plus it's also a nursing top. I ordered one in large.

I also thought the top was made in a similar material as Eden's Bento Box because it looked shiny at the fashion show and in the picture at ... I was wrong. At 95% rayon, 5% Spandex, it wasn't the satiny material I was hoping it will be but it was still clingy and flowy in good ways. And because it wasn't satiny, it looks more like gray than silver.

Anyway, it's still a flattering piece for only P1,350. The top hides your post-partum bulge a little but it's really most flattering to a frame when viewed sideways. Didn't include my blurry face in this picture anymore but I hope you can see how flattering the top is.

This criss-cross top works best with tights/leggings. The nursing opening can take some getting used to because you'd have to tug on at least three layers (the criss-cross design is two, and the nursing opening makes 3) before you get to your nursing bra. Which is why, the Blissfulbabes nursing bandeau works best with the top for me. Or any non-wire ba that you can lift up easily. Yes, it doesn't have to be a nursing bra and I actually think usual nursing bras will make latching more complicated because then you'd also have to negotiate the baby around the bra after all those layers.

I wish the top can come in more vibrant colors because it is lightweight and just perfect for pregnant or lactating women who are burning calories even as they sit.

the gorgeous Mommy at the fashion show w/ her baby bump

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