Monday, January 03, 2011

Low Testosterone = Low Quality of Life

Are you a man that's pretty much active and not really on a very unhealthy diet? But do you feel tired all the time and are gaining weight no matter what you do? Having problems pleasing your partner?

Maybe you should have your testosterone levels checked. A low testosterone level could be the reason for your muscle mass turning into fats instead and your overall needs-improvement performance in every aspect of your life. What's more, it increases diabetes risks as well as other health problems.

If found to have low levels of testosterone, your doctor might prescribe an exercise regimen, a diet plan or if necessary, a testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). The TRT, however, will not help much if you still have bad lifestyle habits like smoking and drinking. So, do continue listening to allen carr about quitting smoking and change your lifestyle, habits, even friends.

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