Sunday, January 23, 2011

Flowers for Valentines

Valentine season is coming up. Already, valentine gifts are being sold in gift shops and bookstores and people are already scouring for flower deliveries. It is currently quite impossible to be buying cheap flowers since they are in high demand from December to May.

So, for the clueless men out there, or those sons and daughters who want to bring a smile to their mother's faces, here's a list of suppliers that can deliver your flowers for you.

Express Regalo offers not just flowers but food packages and computers, cakes and groceries. At $14 (around P600) for 3 roses, it's one of the cheapest provider that's dependable. Check out their site at

PhilGift is the same. Check out the bear chocolates since they may be cheaper and are sure to delight as well.PhilGift also offers to take pictures of your family and friends instead. Cool huh? Explore

Then there's Flower Cart Manila that also does wedding flowers. Check them out at

My Flower Depot also offers lovely arrangements. Check out the Candy and Peaches 'n Cream rose arrangements at :) If you're tired of roses, they also deliver lilies and orchids :)

And then there's Island Rose which grows its roses in Tagaytay. They're the least likely to disappoint so check out

And if you have budget for gift-giving, there's C'est Ca Giftworks at which will allow you to send topiaries and flowers in wicker baskets.

You can also just go to Multiply and find local entrepreneurs there. Order now lest you forget!!!

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