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Eden Maternity and Nursing Wear - Infinitude Review

I was very impressed with the Infinitude when I saw it at the launch of Eden Maternity Wear because I saw for myself how they can be worn a number of ways and flatter different body types.

It's material is Viscose/Spandex which allows it to be flowy and allows you to tie it in knots easily. It's also very easy to wash and dry and doesn't really require any ironing. You can just let it drip dry.

I made a sort of mistake though when I ordered my first Infinitude because I ordered it in Ash (gray) and most of my clothes were dark-colored so it didn't create much of a contrast as a cardigan. Because I also ordered it while I was pregnant, I didn't feel good about using it as a wrap (especially if am pairing it with my Sake tank top which already has all those extra fabric in the ruching).

But by golly, was I a fan!


with my Sake tank top and Maki pants, Infinitude worn the Cardi (cardigan) way

worn The Bangled Cardi way

I'm third from the right, Bangled Cardi way again

worn the Jacket style at Unilab's Mommy's Day Out

It's supposed to be in the Nursing Drape style but I did it wrong but anyway, this is me about to be cut up at Asian Hospital


with FSL friends, me in Infinitude in Peach Blush, worn The Jacket way

it was hot at Malate Church during my son's baptism so I converted to the Cardi way, especially when I have to nurse

nursing while chatting up friends

nursing while posing with guests

Buding is wearing Infinitude (in raspberry, I think) over her Duchess Dress in the "bat wing" style she thought up; Jenny is wearing Infinitude in mauve the Jacket way

rocking my ash one at the Run United 1, side tie way

same event, so you can appreciate how bulges are covered

The Infinitude comes in only two sizes: 1 and 2. Most Filipinas are a size 1 (yes, it allows the rest of us to wear the same size as Audrey Tan Zubiri and Bianca Araneta Elizalde, how cool is that?). Size 2 is for the really big or tall women out there. It's very stretchy, yes.

The short-sleveed one costs P2,200 while the long-sleeved one costs P2,500. Women who work in offices are sure to maximize the long-sleeved ones especially. And yes, it's a little pricey but again, it's basically a multi-wrap which you can wear pre-pregnancy, during, post-pregnancy and while nursing. That's two to three years (or more) of your family life wherein you'd look fab. However, you do also have to invest in tank tops (if you don't have much of them), at least. I only had a blue and brown one when I was pregnant and the brown clashed with my Ash Infinitude. Of course, the Infinitude can be worn with other tops and dresses as well and can take you from the office to formal occasions like weddings then to super casual places like the beach (as a bathing suit cover). It can also be worn by itself as a dress (a mini).

I have not been able to try the other ways to wear the Infinitude since I don't always go out, and when I do nowadays, it's always with my infant so I generally prefer nursing tops instead. Plus, breastfeeding makes me sweat a lot (it burns calories, you know!) so I am less inclined to layer outfits. I am still such a fan, however, as it spices up one's wardrobe in so many ways compared to breastfeeding covers (there are some really nice ones out there, but they also cease to have a purpose once you stop nursing).

The Infinitude comes in the following colors (but bordeaux is already sold out so please pray they can offer it again for every woman needs a magnificent piece of clothing in red): Ash (dark grey), Pigeon (light heather grey), Carbon (black), Snow (white), Dove (off white), Orchid (pale lilac), Bordeaux (deep red), Wood (dark brown), Riverstone (denim color), Fern (moss green), Taupe (light brown), Peach Blush, Raspberry, Bottle Green and Mauve.

I am being drawn by Taupe because it's such a creamy shade, haha, but I must maximize my two Infinis first before I can justify another one.

The Infinitude is a highly-recommended purchase and I just really wish I can afford to gift all the women in my life with one. It's so versatile that you can convert it to more styles other than the 16 suggested in their site

You can also check out the clothes at Aura Athletica at Power Plant Mall

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