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Eden Maternity and Nursing Wear - Bento Box Review

I have blogged about the launch of Eden Maternity Wear and have even updated you on where they'd be if you want to see their products instead of just ordering online. Now, due to insistent public demand, I am reviewing Eden Maternity and Nursing Wear, with pictures! :)

What makes me a sort of authority on their products? Well, I am using P15k worth of Eden already and intend to purchase more. And trust me, I am not that easily sold on clothes, especially when I ceased to be svelte. And no, I am not getting paid for this.

Let me just review the pieces I have. And know that as fanatic as I am, and despite knowing (and admiring and loving) one of the business partners, this will be an objective one. After all, I want Eden to keep improving :)

The Bento Box pieces are made of matte jersey material. When I first got mine, I first thought of bathing suits (especially when you handle the tops).

Each box includes the following pieces:

Maki Foldover Pants-- a wonderful workhorse for both casual and dressy occasions, not to mention a perfect pair for traveling in comfort!

Sake Tank-- A fabulous top that is both a bra and a tank with ruching around the belly. It features a built in bra for support, empire lift nursing opening and light foam straps to prevent digging into the shoulders. It provides comfort and style and flatters a woman's figure during and after pregnancy.

Sake 3/4 Sleeved Top-- Just like the Sake tank but with the added coverage of sleeves that hit just at the elbows. Sleeves have slight ruching detail.

Miso Skirt-- a versatile a-line skirt that can also be worn as a tunic length tube top or folded over as a babydoll tube top.

The Bento Box was originally offered in three colors: black (carbon), gray (steel) and brown. I got the black set in Medium (bust size of 40 and I was around 180 lbs then already). The material is soft and silky so it also makes you feel sexy and allows both the pants and skirt to be flowy.

The Sake 3/4 sleeved top feels slightly smaller/constricting than the Sake tank top. I have to grit my teeth a little when putting it on. The Sake tank top, however, is the most comfortable thing I ever put on. I literally want to sleep in it. It fit my body like a glove, during pregnancy and now, post-partum. The ruching flattered my pregnancy bump and really hides post-pregnancy belly. The Sake tops were clingy in a very good way plus, they're a little longish so you really don't expose skin even if you wear them with jeans.

The pants and skirt both have these extra fabric over the waist which is great if you're pairing them with other tops which you'd need to hitch up while nursing as the extra fabric will cover your belly area. Plus, I think they also flatter your lines more. The extra fabric in the skirt also allows the skirt to double as a dress (which I dare not, since I have massive thighs and most short dresses ride up my huge a$$) or be used as a tunic-length top.

The down side of the extra fabric, however, is that if you wear the Maki pants or Miso skirt with any of the Sake tops, it might prove too much layer and get you hot and sweaty faster. This could be a real issue with naturally sweaty people (like moi) or pregnant women (who easily get hot) and well, during summer. But for career women staying in air-conditioned places, it shouldn't be a problem. I'm just mentioning this because it's the reason why I didn't wear them sometimes during my pregnancy.

A small complaint with the miso skirt when folded and used as a babydoll tube top: the Eden tag at the back shows. Not all of it but it still shows. It's the same complaint I have with the Sake tops as well. I'm not sure though if it's because I stretch the tops so much, given my width, or it's really an issue with the tag. I'm just thinking it sort of takes away some terrific points if the tag at the back of your clothes shows. Then again, I can always use boleros or something, right?

Last Christmas, Eden sold samplers in what they referred to as Mini Bento (Sake tank top and Miso skirt, so you essentially get two tops too) and also offered another color: bordeaux or wine red.


Sake tank top and Maki pants

Sake tank top

black Miso skirt used as babydoll tube top, Maki pants and Infinitude in ash

Sake 3/4 sleeved top and Miso skirt (I should have pulled the sleeves up a little and posed better)


the maroon skirt used as babydoll tube top

which I paired with brown tights (pic taken around 12 days after I gave birth); also note that the two lovely ladies to my right in the picture are also wearing Eden pieces: both are wearing Infinitude and Buding was also wearing a Duchess Dress.

breastfeeding in the Sake tank top

wearing the sake 3/4 sleeved top here

my mini bento in red, 3 months after I gave birth

actually wearing the red sake tank top over the black skirt here

Another small complaint with the tops is that it could use more padding (I have naturally perky nips and after nursing, nips can be quite scandalous, hehe). There are openings for breast or bra pads in the tops but I'd rather not have to use any because it's just really easier to hitch up the empire lift and nurse.

Given all of those, I still actually feel less exposed when I use the Sake tops or Blissfulbabes Corsierre because part of the top already covers the mound of your breasts. However, if your baby unlatches without you knowing (because the empire lifts make you feel covered so you might not be as vigilant about exposure), you can end up being more 'bare'! (I have an unfortunate picture with hubs' family, which I won't share here, that proves this). So, just like with any nursing top, you have to practice a little on how to use and make sure the baby's head is covering your... precious, haha. But also because of the empire lifts, I have breastfed many times in public and around friends without my friends noticing. They only realize that I am breastfeeding when they ask to hold my child and I ask them to wait after I finish feeding.

With the Miso Skirt, I just hitch down and nurse. I pair it with Blissfulbabes Nursing bandeau. I guess you can also use non-padded strapless brassieres with it but I need padding, remember?

And yes, the Sake tops offer ample support for the breasts.

If I can get the Sake tank tops in brown and gray without having to get an extra skirt or pants, I would. They are really super comfortable to wear and are really flattering. And yes, I do wish Eden will produce Sake tank tops in jewel shades of green, blue and purple. And maybe in leopard print as well, haha. But I guess the plain fabrics allow it to be more versatile ad easily paired with other pieces of clothing.

And despite my complaints, the items in Eden Maternity and Nursing Wear's Bento Box, when used together, just also makes you look put-together. The set is an effortless way to look classy and coordinated and still be comfy. And oh, how I really wished that the line was launched sooner so I could have started using them earlier in my pregnancy. I actually mourned a little that my Sake tank top won't be hugging my pregnancy bump anymore (because I got them when I was 8 months preggy already).

Some are intimidated by the Bento Box price tag (P4,800) but it's four fashionable items in that set. The Mini Bento costs P2,500. Considering that all items can be worn pre-pregnancy, during, post-partum and while nursing, it's actually a great investment. And truth be told, maternity clothes are also expensive. At least, with Eden's collections, you can wear the clothes you buy much, much longer.

To shop, just go to :) Or go to Aura Athletica at Power Plant Mall

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