Thursday, January 06, 2011

Eden Maternity and Nursing Wear - Aria Nursing Tank Review

I bought My Aria Tank Top (black, size medium) after I've given birth so I can't vouch for it's stretchiness for preggy bumps. But since it's longish, it's still flattering for my post-pregnancy flab.

I fit the mocha/black one in Aura Athletica (where Eden Maternity and Nursing Wear are sold) but decided on black because I had issues with the black strap on the brown one: the drop cup part doesn't jive with the rest of the top when it's attached so you see some of the brown too (gee, I wonder how I can better get the idea across?) instead of the black parts overlapping and looking seamless.

worn under my Infinitude, it's real easy to unclip once you get the hang of it

as you can glean from the picture, it doesn't offer the same coverage as the Sake tank top or Corsierre as the top of my breast was still exposed

i'm looking more exposed here because the right clip of the tank top is actually undone

i'm the one in your right, with a red boncho

It already has a bra under it and thus provides some amount of support (not as much as a Sake tank top does though) but again, I'd have appreciated some padding. And no, you can't put breast pads on this one. However, I think the webbing in the bra sort of diffuses and flattens the nips.

One other reason why I bought the Aria Tank Top is that I needed a nursing top to use with my boncho (breastfeeding poncho from Indigo Baby) and the Aria's spaghetti straps would look more flattering under a poncho than a Sake tank top's padded wide straps would.

The Aria Nursing Tank comes in the following colors: midnight/black, mocha/black, ash/black, snow (white) and carbon (black) and costs P1,000 each. Compare that with the cost of nursing bras, it's actually cheap because with such a tank top, you need not put on any bra anymore. And this one, you can wear even if you're not nursing anymore or while pregnant (as it stretches).

In closing, I'd just like to say that I intend to get it in white too!!!

* Remember, nursing tops are slightly more expensive than usual tops because of the special nursing openings and the material used since it's usually worn longer than maternity wear

You can check out the clothes at Aura Athletica at Power Plant Mall or check

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