Thursday, January 06, 2011

Corsierre and Nursing Bandeau from Blissfulbabes - Review

I got my Corsierre (red) and nursing bandeau (pink) by Blissfulbabes from Jenny Ong. I'm also a size medium for Corsierre.

Fit-wise, I love my Corsierre as it's snug like my Sake tank tops. It's made from 90% Cotton and 10% Spandex and feels a little velvety to the touch. It's more everyday wear, even sporty, while the Sake tank top (which looks a lot like it, nursing openings-wise) is more office/formal wear. The Sake tank top also stretches more (to accommodate a woman's changing body) while the Corsierre sort of pulls the body in and thus offers a little more support in the chest area.

I like its padded straps that don't dig into your shoulders. However, I find that it's not long enough for me so when I wear it with jeans, I tend to show some skin in my belly area. Then again, my body's still transitioning from pregnancy so better fitting jeans might make this issue go away. Still, I wish it were an inch or two longer.

What I really love about it though is that despite having nursing pad holders, the fabric is thick enough that I don't need any. It's real easy to put on too. I'd actually love to have it in every available color: Simply Black, Sporty Grey (light grey), Charcoal (dark grey), Sexy Red, Lavander and Green Tea (light green)... except maybe black (for I have enough black tops already).

One other thing I love about the Corsierre and Sake Tank Tops is that you need not wear a bra anymore and fumble with clips that might break. During hot summer days, I expect such to be breezier tops for nursing moms. Plus, a breastfeeding mom I know still raves about her Corsierre which is still in good condition after three years. She was even wearing it for her picture in the IBFAN calendar for 2011 (check out April's Mommy).

It costs P1,200 and is sold at and Before buying, also check out the FAQs at so you can really get an idea of what you're buying.

Now, the nursing bandeau costs P450 and comes in black, nude, tan, white, pink (blush), aqua and brown! I cannot share a picture of me wearing it but suffice it to say that it's great for tube tops, very easy to put on and use for nursing. However, it does not offer much support (but it helps with my pert nips issues).

I actually prefer wearing my nursing bandeau with my other nursing tops because I don't like fumbling with clips. The nursing bandeau allows me to freely hitch up or down which is easier to do than to unclip a bra. Plus, as there's no standard clip used in nursing bras, the nursing bandeau lets you avoid the momentary confusion of just how to unclip your bra.

Order one (or all colors) from

* Remember, nursing tops are slightly more expensive than usual tops because of the special nursing openings and the material used since it's usually worn longer than maternity wear

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