Monday, January 03, 2011

Cheese Pimiento Spread

Cheese Pimiento spread is one thing I've always loved but never thought to do. During the holidays though, hubs and I decided to bravely try making our own batch and this is our no-brainer recipe.

1 margarine, softened (we use 225 gm Dari Creme)
3 small red bell peppers (we just use the local one which is 1/3 cheaper than US ones)
300-350 gms of cheddar cheese

Heat or roast the bell peppers using your stove, grill or oven toaster to release the flavor. Remove skin and seeds and then chop into really small pieces (some use a food processor for this).

Cream the softened margarine and add the chopped bell pepper.

we made 3 recipes so we were using our big pan

Then, mix in the grated cheddar cheese. You have to keep mixing as you add the cheese so they won't clump and will start to melt into the butter.

Refrigerate. It will take several hours before the flavor of the bell peppers really get absorbed into the margarine.

I have yet to try it with butter though, and unprocessed cheddar cheese (you know, those real cheddar ones that are expensive). I have yet to try it with Star Margarine too (just to see if it'd still be any good). But like what I said, this is a no-brainer and fail-free spread recipe for your sandwiches.

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