Sunday, January 02, 2011

BonChon Chicken at Ayala Triangle Gardens

What's a Christmas Light Show without chicken wings right? Well, at least that's what hubs was thinking when we were at the Ayala Triangle Gardens a few nights ago. Having read rave reviews of the BonChon chicken, he ordered some as takeout while we were dining at a nearby Vietnamese restaurant.

Unfortunately, my son and nepher threw tantrums so I failed to remember to take a picture. But BonChon chicken wings are really, really, really delicous. Well, I at least loved the soy garlic because it was really flavorful without turning me off with the garlic, as I am no garlic fan. And the twice-frying seems to be a really cool trick because it was very crispy without all that batter thick with oil we're used to with our fried chicken.

I didn't appreciate the hot & spicy BonChon chicken variant much because I feel it was way too hot for a person to appreciate the other flavors or seasonings. I mean, even the spiciest sweet chili crabs from Dampa delivers on other flavors, the BonChon, for me, was just plain hot.

All in all though, I am a convert and we have started recommending people to try it. We are also intent on mastering the twice-frying trick so we can enjoy similarly crisped chicken at home.

Then again, one can just call BonChon a day ahead for their chicken orders and not deal with the long queus during meal hours.

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