Monday, January 31, 2011

Digiscrapping Freebies

Want to start making those Valentines? Or are you looking for stuff to put in your kiddo's birthday party invite? Then check out these two blogs give lots of digiscrapping freebies :)

Make sure to leave them some love! And oh, warning... really big files!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chocolates from Dubai

Since there are many Filipinos working in Dubai, there surely is a lot of families and relatives asking them for gifts and treats, what we call as pasalubong in the local dialect.

Now, if anyone's curious, they can ask (or show the pictures) their Dubai-based loved one to get them some of these chocolates because they really are a treat.

Jewels Chocolates are like the Merci brand, offering differently-flavored treats in one container

Twix Pods

Where to Go for Opiate Detox

Drug abuse is one of the growing social and health concerns in the world, not just in the country. And drug dependents are growing younger and younger too due to poverty, lack of parental supervision and peer pressure as some of the many reasons.

Now, teenagers are more likely to find the means to purchase controlled substances and drugs. Some may even need opiate detox and all surely need counseling.

The best bet for any drug intervention and rehabilitation are drug centers. Luckily for Manila residents with the problem, I have already blogged before on where to get drug abuse help. Contact any of these organizations and see which is the most likely to be able to help you, or your loved one.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mama Au Lait Criss-cross Top - Review

I first fell in love with Mama Au Lait's Criss-cross top at the fashion show I went to because it really looked fab on the preggy mom plus it's also a nursing top. I ordered one in large.

I also thought the top was made in a similar material as Eden's Bento Box because it looked shiny at the fashion show and in the picture at ... I was wrong. At 95% rayon, 5% Spandex, it wasn't the satiny material I was hoping it will be but it was still clingy and flowy in good ways. And because it wasn't satiny, it looks more like gray than silver.

Anyway, it's still a flattering piece for only P1,350. The top hides your post-partum bulge a little but it's really most flattering to a frame when viewed sideways. Didn't include my blurry face in this picture anymore but I hope you can see how flattering the top is.

This criss-cross top works best with tights/leggings. The nursing opening can take some getting used to because you'd have to tug on at least three layers (the criss-cross design is two, and the nursing opening makes 3) before you get to your nursing bra. Which is why, the Blissfulbabes nursing bandeau works best with the top for me. Or any non-wire ba that you can lift up easily. Yes, it doesn't have to be a nursing bra and I actually think usual nursing bras will make latching more complicated because then you'd also have to negotiate the baby around the bra after all those layers.

I wish the top can come in more vibrant colors because it is lightweight and just perfect for pregnant or lactating women who are burning calories even as they sit.

the gorgeous Mommy at the fashion show w/ her baby bump

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Flowers for Valentines

Valentine season is coming up. Already, valentine gifts are being sold in gift shops and bookstores and people are already scouring for flower deliveries. It is currently quite impossible to be buying cheap flowers since they are in high demand from December to May.

So, for the clueless men out there, or those sons and daughters who want to bring a smile to their mother's faces, here's a list of suppliers that can deliver your flowers for you.

Express Regalo offers not just flowers but food packages and computers, cakes and groceries. At $14 (around P600) for 3 roses, it's one of the cheapest provider that's dependable. Check out their site at

PhilGift is the same. Check out the bear chocolates since they may be cheaper and are sure to delight as well.PhilGift also offers to take pictures of your family and friends instead. Cool huh? Explore

Then there's Flower Cart Manila that also does wedding flowers. Check them out at

My Flower Depot also offers lovely arrangements. Check out the Candy and Peaches 'n Cream rose arrangements at :) If you're tired of roses, they also deliver lilies and orchids :)

And then there's Island Rose which grows its roses in Tagaytay. They're the least likely to disappoint so check out

And if you have budget for gift-giving, there's C'est Ca Giftworks at which will allow you to send topiaries and flowers in wicker baskets.

You can also just go to Multiply and find local entrepreneurs there. Order now lest you forget!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

a veneto Pizzeria Ristorante

We ordered from a Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante last new year. We just called them and picked up the pizza and pasta.

Hubs' family has long been a fan but I've only lately appreciated Italian fare. According to hubs, they know their pizzas but their pastas are so-so.

buffalo wings

we transferred the pizza in brownie pans for reheating in the oven

mozarella sticks

Their pesto pasta left a lot to be desired but their seafood pasta was okay. I actually liked the mozarella sticks the best. All in all, there are other Italian places I'd rather be than a Veneto.

To dine or order:
A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante
57 Aguirre Ave. BF Homes, Sucat, ParaƱaque

Step Stool: Multi-purpose Must-Have

A two step stool is one of those things that one must really have at home that will also serve several purposes. Of course, the obvious one is a step stool for high shelves and for hanging stuff like curtains and decor. When not in use, and depending on the design of the step stool, it can serve as a play area for your kids. It can even be a table for them.

Step stools can also serve as a nice place for pots of plants. And it's also great for when you're painting as the ledge will provide a sturdy place for paint cans.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Statements Tees from

We bought the shirts for my boys at the Global Pinoy Bazaar. Since I am a breastfeeding advocate and my sons were breastfed and my hubby is such a supporter too (plus, he loves the containers of my milk, of course), I found this design perfect. I wanted the tube/tank shirt or the venus cut with the same print but still have to find their shop to buy one in my size. I am also still debating whether I'd get my youngest a baby Milkaholic shirt after this onesie.

But don't we just make a cute family?

The quality of the shirts and the printing is good and I am actually thinking of getting their "I have two eggs" shirts for my sons as well. Just go to to order or visit any of their shops.

Flaxseed and Dieting

Intent on losing weight this year? Why not Google flax seed benefits and realize how adding flaxseed supplements to your diet can facilitate the weight loss you so desire?

What's more, flaxseed in your diet helps in reducing heart disease and cancer risks as well as aids in constipation and hemorrhoids. Either ground your flaxseed or take them in capsules. You can also use the flaxseed oil from capsules in your salads since it tastes nice and nutty.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Booksale - The Shop for Cheaper Books

Looking for recipe books?
What about dog training books
Parenting books perhaps?
Or bestseller novels?
Or board books for your baby?

Look no further than your average mall because chances are, a Booksale shop is doing business there and just waiting for you to start browsing and buying their books which are sold at a fraction of their price compared to those sold in other bookstores. Sure, there are a lot of secondhand and old library books here too but there's also plenty of new ones as well.

Those who are planning to give away books as Christmas presents or birthday party giveaway can also start buying now. Staggered purchasing won't be so hard on one's pocket and will also allow for moments of great finds.

Try Booksale. You can just as easily lose yourself there as in the more prestigious book stores in the city.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sellers Wanted in UP Bazaar

as received in my e-mail
S.T.E.P. U.P.:
Proudly Presents:

Feb. 19, 2011
9am-5pm, Saturday
R. Magsaysay Ave., U.P. Diliman Campus
Diliman QC


Brand New / Old Stock / 2ndHand / Vintage!

Add us on Facebook too!

Check out our rates:
- LATAGAN 3ft x 5ft = P375.00
- LATAGAN 6ft x 7ft = P1,050.00
- MESA 7ft x 7ft = P1,425.00
- FOOD 7ft x 7ft = P1,425.00
- MESA 8ft x 9ft = P2,000.00
If you are interested in joining, simply email
& request for the guidelines to A FEBRUARY afFAIR.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year, New Degree

One of the things you can probably resolve to do this new year is to get a new degree, or at least enrich your skill set by attending trainings, certification programs or classes. You can choose to start getting that online business degree you've been meaning to get for years now, being hampered logistically to actually go to a school physically or you can finally enrol in culinary arts as a first step in realizing your dream restaurant.

Newly-married? Enrol in cooking classes so you can easily whip up meals on a budget. Got kids? Enrol in art classes or baking classes. Maybe it's also time you learn that third language or musical instrument you've been dreaming to learn since you were a kid.

Enrich yourself this year. You may not become a master chef or musical virtuoso but at least you learn something new and have fun. You can even enrol in classes with the spouse, your siblings, parent or kids to make learning more fun and meanigful! Plus, the online business degree might just provide you with the edge you need for your company.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Post-Holiday Shopping

We don't have shopping sales like Black Friday after Thanksgiving in the US, but people (with money) can take advantage of the post-holiday sale in malls right now.

All the surplus items that weren't sold during the holiday season can still be had now. And for people with Christmas missions, trimmings and trees are surely sold at huge discounts now. You can just purchase the tree you really want and keep it in storage. After all, no matter what happens this coming year, Christmas is sure to come again in December.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Corsierre and Nursing Bandeau from Blissfulbabes - Review

I got my Corsierre (red) and nursing bandeau (pink) by Blissfulbabes from Jenny Ong. I'm also a size medium for Corsierre.

Fit-wise, I love my Corsierre as it's snug like my Sake tank tops. It's made from 90% Cotton and 10% Spandex and feels a little velvety to the touch. It's more everyday wear, even sporty, while the Sake tank top (which looks a lot like it, nursing openings-wise) is more office/formal wear. The Sake tank top also stretches more (to accommodate a woman's changing body) while the Corsierre sort of pulls the body in and thus offers a little more support in the chest area.

I like its padded straps that don't dig into your shoulders. However, I find that it's not long enough for me so when I wear it with jeans, I tend to show some skin in my belly area. Then again, my body's still transitioning from pregnancy so better fitting jeans might make this issue go away. Still, I wish it were an inch or two longer.

What I really love about it though is that despite having nursing pad holders, the fabric is thick enough that I don't need any. It's real easy to put on too. I'd actually love to have it in every available color: Simply Black, Sporty Grey (light grey), Charcoal (dark grey), Sexy Red, Lavander and Green Tea (light green)... except maybe black (for I have enough black tops already).

One other thing I love about the Corsierre and Sake Tank Tops is that you need not wear a bra anymore and fumble with clips that might break. During hot summer days, I expect such to be breezier tops for nursing moms. Plus, a breastfeeding mom I know still raves about her Corsierre which is still in good condition after three years. She was even wearing it for her picture in the IBFAN calendar for 2011 (check out April's Mommy).

It costs P1,200 and is sold at and Before buying, also check out the FAQs at so you can really get an idea of what you're buying.

Now, the nursing bandeau costs P450 and comes in black, nude, tan, white, pink (blush), aqua and brown! I cannot share a picture of me wearing it but suffice it to say that it's great for tube tops, very easy to put on and use for nursing. However, it does not offer much support (but it helps with my pert nips issues).

I actually prefer wearing my nursing bandeau with my other nursing tops because I don't like fumbling with clips. The nursing bandeau allows me to freely hitch up or down which is easier to do than to unclip a bra. Plus, as there's no standard clip used in nursing bras, the nursing bandeau lets you avoid the momentary confusion of just how to unclip your bra.

Order one (or all colors) from

* Remember, nursing tops are slightly more expensive than usual tops because of the special nursing openings and the material used since it's usually worn longer than maternity wear

Eden Maternity and Nursing Wear - Aria Nursing Tank Review

I bought My Aria Tank Top (black, size medium) after I've given birth so I can't vouch for it's stretchiness for preggy bumps. But since it's longish, it's still flattering for my post-pregnancy flab.

I fit the mocha/black one in Aura Athletica (where Eden Maternity and Nursing Wear are sold) but decided on black because I had issues with the black strap on the brown one: the drop cup part doesn't jive with the rest of the top when it's attached so you see some of the brown too (gee, I wonder how I can better get the idea across?) instead of the black parts overlapping and looking seamless.

worn under my Infinitude, it's real easy to unclip once you get the hang of it

as you can glean from the picture, it doesn't offer the same coverage as the Sake tank top or Corsierre as the top of my breast was still exposed

i'm looking more exposed here because the right clip of the tank top is actually undone

i'm the one in your right, with a red boncho

It already has a bra under it and thus provides some amount of support (not as much as a Sake tank top does though) but again, I'd have appreciated some padding. And no, you can't put breast pads on this one. However, I think the webbing in the bra sort of diffuses and flattens the nips.

One other reason why I bought the Aria Tank Top is that I needed a nursing top to use with my boncho (breastfeeding poncho from Indigo Baby) and the Aria's spaghetti straps would look more flattering under a poncho than a Sake tank top's padded wide straps would.

The Aria Nursing Tank comes in the following colors: midnight/black, mocha/black, ash/black, snow (white) and carbon (black) and costs P1,000 each. Compare that with the cost of nursing bras, it's actually cheap because with such a tank top, you need not put on any bra anymore. And this one, you can wear even if you're not nursing anymore or while pregnant (as it stretches).

In closing, I'd just like to say that I intend to get it in white too!!!

* Remember, nursing tops are slightly more expensive than usual tops because of the special nursing openings and the material used since it's usually worn longer than maternity wear

You can check out the clothes at Aura Athletica at Power Plant Mall or check

Eden Maternity and Nursing Wear - Infinitude Review

I was very impressed with the Infinitude when I saw it at the launch of Eden Maternity Wear because I saw for myself how they can be worn a number of ways and flatter different body types.

It's material is Viscose/Spandex which allows it to be flowy and allows you to tie it in knots easily. It's also very easy to wash and dry and doesn't really require any ironing. You can just let it drip dry.

I made a sort of mistake though when I ordered my first Infinitude because I ordered it in Ash (gray) and most of my clothes were dark-colored so it didn't create much of a contrast as a cardigan. Because I also ordered it while I was pregnant, I didn't feel good about using it as a wrap (especially if am pairing it with my Sake tank top which already has all those extra fabric in the ruching).

But by golly, was I a fan!


with my Sake tank top and Maki pants, Infinitude worn the Cardi (cardigan) way

worn The Bangled Cardi way

I'm third from the right, Bangled Cardi way again

worn the Jacket style at Unilab's Mommy's Day Out

It's supposed to be in the Nursing Drape style but I did it wrong but anyway, this is me about to be cut up at Asian Hospital


with FSL friends, me in Infinitude in Peach Blush, worn The Jacket way

it was hot at Malate Church during my son's baptism so I converted to the Cardi way, especially when I have to nurse

nursing while chatting up friends

nursing while posing with guests

Buding is wearing Infinitude (in raspberry, I think) over her Duchess Dress in the "bat wing" style she thought up; Jenny is wearing Infinitude in mauve the Jacket way

rocking my ash one at the Run United 1, side tie way

same event, so you can appreciate how bulges are covered

The Infinitude comes in only two sizes: 1 and 2. Most Filipinas are a size 1 (yes, it allows the rest of us to wear the same size as Audrey Tan Zubiri and Bianca Araneta Elizalde, how cool is that?). Size 2 is for the really big or tall women out there. It's very stretchy, yes.

The short-sleveed one costs P2,200 while the long-sleeved one costs P2,500. Women who work in offices are sure to maximize the long-sleeved ones especially. And yes, it's a little pricey but again, it's basically a multi-wrap which you can wear pre-pregnancy, during, post-pregnancy and while nursing. That's two to three years (or more) of your family life wherein you'd look fab. However, you do also have to invest in tank tops (if you don't have much of them), at least. I only had a blue and brown one when I was pregnant and the brown clashed with my Ash Infinitude. Of course, the Infinitude can be worn with other tops and dresses as well and can take you from the office to formal occasions like weddings then to super casual places like the beach (as a bathing suit cover). It can also be worn by itself as a dress (a mini).

I have not been able to try the other ways to wear the Infinitude since I don't always go out, and when I do nowadays, it's always with my infant so I generally prefer nursing tops instead. Plus, breastfeeding makes me sweat a lot (it burns calories, you know!) so I am less inclined to layer outfits. I am still such a fan, however, as it spices up one's wardrobe in so many ways compared to breastfeeding covers (there are some really nice ones out there, but they also cease to have a purpose once you stop nursing).

The Infinitude comes in the following colors (but bordeaux is already sold out so please pray they can offer it again for every woman needs a magnificent piece of clothing in red): Ash (dark grey), Pigeon (light heather grey), Carbon (black), Snow (white), Dove (off white), Orchid (pale lilac), Bordeaux (deep red), Wood (dark brown), Riverstone (denim color), Fern (moss green), Taupe (light brown), Peach Blush, Raspberry, Bottle Green and Mauve.

I am being drawn by Taupe because it's such a creamy shade, haha, but I must maximize my two Infinis first before I can justify another one.

The Infinitude is a highly-recommended purchase and I just really wish I can afford to gift all the women in my life with one. It's so versatile that you can convert it to more styles other than the 16 suggested in their site

You can also check out the clothes at Aura Athletica at Power Plant Mall

Eden Maternity and Nursing Wear - Bento Box Review

I have blogged about the launch of Eden Maternity Wear and have even updated you on where they'd be if you want to see their products instead of just ordering online. Now, due to insistent public demand, I am reviewing Eden Maternity and Nursing Wear, with pictures! :)

What makes me a sort of authority on their products? Well, I am using P15k worth of Eden already and intend to purchase more. And trust me, I am not that easily sold on clothes, especially when I ceased to be svelte. And no, I am not getting paid for this.

Let me just review the pieces I have. And know that as fanatic as I am, and despite knowing (and admiring and loving) one of the business partners, this will be an objective one. After all, I want Eden to keep improving :)

The Bento Box pieces are made of matte jersey material. When I first got mine, I first thought of bathing suits (especially when you handle the tops).

Each box includes the following pieces:

Maki Foldover Pants-- a wonderful workhorse for both casual and dressy occasions, not to mention a perfect pair for traveling in comfort!

Sake Tank-- A fabulous top that is both a bra and a tank with ruching around the belly. It features a built in bra for support, empire lift nursing opening and light foam straps to prevent digging into the shoulders. It provides comfort and style and flatters a woman's figure during and after pregnancy.

Sake 3/4 Sleeved Top-- Just like the Sake tank but with the added coverage of sleeves that hit just at the elbows. Sleeves have slight ruching detail.

Miso Skirt-- a versatile a-line skirt that can also be worn as a tunic length tube top or folded over as a babydoll tube top.

The Bento Box was originally offered in three colors: black (carbon), gray (steel) and brown. I got the black set in Medium (bust size of 40 and I was around 180 lbs then already). The material is soft and silky so it also makes you feel sexy and allows both the pants and skirt to be flowy.

The Sake 3/4 sleeved top feels slightly smaller/constricting than the Sake tank top. I have to grit my teeth a little when putting it on. The Sake tank top, however, is the most comfortable thing I ever put on. I literally want to sleep in it. It fit my body like a glove, during pregnancy and now, post-partum. The ruching flattered my pregnancy bump and really hides post-pregnancy belly. The Sake tops were clingy in a very good way plus, they're a little longish so you really don't expose skin even if you wear them with jeans.

The pants and skirt both have these extra fabric over the waist which is great if you're pairing them with other tops which you'd need to hitch up while nursing as the extra fabric will cover your belly area. Plus, I think they also flatter your lines more. The extra fabric in the skirt also allows the skirt to double as a dress (which I dare not, since I have massive thighs and most short dresses ride up my huge a$$) or be used as a tunic-length top.

The down side of the extra fabric, however, is that if you wear the Maki pants or Miso skirt with any of the Sake tops, it might prove too much layer and get you hot and sweaty faster. This could be a real issue with naturally sweaty people (like moi) or pregnant women (who easily get hot) and well, during summer. But for career women staying in air-conditioned places, it shouldn't be a problem. I'm just mentioning this because it's the reason why I didn't wear them sometimes during my pregnancy.

A small complaint with the miso skirt when folded and used as a babydoll tube top: the Eden tag at the back shows. Not all of it but it still shows. It's the same complaint I have with the Sake tops as well. I'm not sure though if it's because I stretch the tops so much, given my width, or it's really an issue with the tag. I'm just thinking it sort of takes away some terrific points if the tag at the back of your clothes shows. Then again, I can always use boleros or something, right?

Last Christmas, Eden sold samplers in what they referred to as Mini Bento (Sake tank top and Miso skirt, so you essentially get two tops too) and also offered another color: bordeaux or wine red.


Sake tank top and Maki pants

Sake tank top

black Miso skirt used as babydoll tube top, Maki pants and Infinitude in ash

Sake 3/4 sleeved top and Miso skirt (I should have pulled the sleeves up a little and posed better)


the maroon skirt used as babydoll tube top

which I paired with brown tights (pic taken around 12 days after I gave birth); also note that the two lovely ladies to my right in the picture are also wearing Eden pieces: both are wearing Infinitude and Buding was also wearing a Duchess Dress.

breastfeeding in the Sake tank top

wearing the sake 3/4 sleeved top here

my mini bento in red, 3 months after I gave birth

actually wearing the red sake tank top over the black skirt here

Another small complaint with the tops is that it could use more padding (I have naturally perky nips and after nursing, nips can be quite scandalous, hehe). There are openings for breast or bra pads in the tops but I'd rather not have to use any because it's just really easier to hitch up the empire lift and nurse.

Given all of those, I still actually feel less exposed when I use the Sake tops or Blissfulbabes Corsierre because part of the top already covers the mound of your breasts. However, if your baby unlatches without you knowing (because the empire lifts make you feel covered so you might not be as vigilant about exposure), you can end up being more 'bare'! (I have an unfortunate picture with hubs' family, which I won't share here, that proves this). So, just like with any nursing top, you have to practice a little on how to use and make sure the baby's head is covering your... precious, haha. But also because of the empire lifts, I have breastfed many times in public and around friends without my friends noticing. They only realize that I am breastfeeding when they ask to hold my child and I ask them to wait after I finish feeding.

With the Miso Skirt, I just hitch down and nurse. I pair it with Blissfulbabes Nursing bandeau. I guess you can also use non-padded strapless brassieres with it but I need padding, remember?

And yes, the Sake tops offer ample support for the breasts.

If I can get the Sake tank tops in brown and gray without having to get an extra skirt or pants, I would. They are really super comfortable to wear and are really flattering. And yes, I do wish Eden will produce Sake tank tops in jewel shades of green, blue and purple. And maybe in leopard print as well, haha. But I guess the plain fabrics allow it to be more versatile ad easily paired with other pieces of clothing.

And despite my complaints, the items in Eden Maternity and Nursing Wear's Bento Box, when used together, just also makes you look put-together. The set is an effortless way to look classy and coordinated and still be comfy. And oh, how I really wished that the line was launched sooner so I could have started using them earlier in my pregnancy. I actually mourned a little that my Sake tank top won't be hugging my pregnancy bump anymore (because I got them when I was 8 months preggy already).

Some are intimidated by the Bento Box price tag (P4,800) but it's four fashionable items in that set. The Mini Bento costs P2,500. Considering that all items can be worn pre-pregnancy, during, post-partum and while nursing, it's actually a great investment. And truth be told, maternity clothes are also expensive. At least, with Eden's collections, you can wear the clothes you buy much, much longer.

To shop, just go to :) Or go to Aura Athletica at Power Plant Mall

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Earthlingorgeous Blogversary Giveaway

If you don't have funds for beauty products, maybe you'd like to join Blogversary Birthday Giveaway. She is offering 12 fab prizes and three chances of winning something.

You can tweet, FB or blog about the contest and then tell her what you'd like to get. Good luck to us all!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Carlo's Pizza and Italian Food Restaurant

Carlo's Pizza and Italian Food Restaurant already has many branches in the country (one even in Boracay). My husband ate at their Adriatico branch about two weeks ago and loved the fare.

Their chicken pesto was creany, which is a little weird since am used to it being just olive oil and the pesto. But still, it was delicious pesto pasta. Their sausages in olive oil was very filling and highly recommended and the Quattro Formaggi (four-cheese pizza) was delicious. I believe their pizzas are all thin crust though.

So, having had a wonderful experience and being on a pesto binge, we ordered from Carlo's Pizza last Christmas. They could not deliver but took our orders just the same for pickup.

the buffalo wings

the Hawaiian pizza

the chicken pesto

The servings can be good for two, if you're not eating much or sharing with your date. The staff at Adriatico's rendered good service as well. All in all, it's an Italian restaurant I wouldn't mind frequenting.

All were good and we're sure to order from them again. For more info and an idea of their fare, just go to :)

Monday, January 03, 2011

Low Testosterone = Low Quality of Life

Are you a man that's pretty much active and not really on a very unhealthy diet? But do you feel tired all the time and are gaining weight no matter what you do? Having problems pleasing your partner?

Maybe you should have your testosterone levels checked. A low testosterone level could be the reason for your muscle mass turning into fats instead and your overall needs-improvement performance in every aspect of your life. What's more, it increases diabetes risks as well as other health problems.

If found to have low levels of testosterone, your doctor might prescribe an exercise regimen, a diet plan or if necessary, a testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). The TRT, however, will not help much if you still have bad lifestyle habits like smoking and drinking. So, do continue listening to allen carr about quitting smoking and change your lifestyle, habits, even friends.

Cheese Pimiento Spread

Cheese Pimiento spread is one thing I've always loved but never thought to do. During the holidays though, hubs and I decided to bravely try making our own batch and this is our no-brainer recipe.

1 margarine, softened (we use 225 gm Dari Creme)
3 small red bell peppers (we just use the local one which is 1/3 cheaper than US ones)
300-350 gms of cheddar cheese

Heat or roast the bell peppers using your stove, grill or oven toaster to release the flavor. Remove skin and seeds and then chop into really small pieces (some use a food processor for this).

Cream the softened margarine and add the chopped bell pepper.

we made 3 recipes so we were using our big pan

Then, mix in the grated cheddar cheese. You have to keep mixing as you add the cheese so they won't clump and will start to melt into the butter.

Refrigerate. It will take several hours before the flavor of the bell peppers really get absorbed into the margarine.

I have yet to try it with butter though, and unprocessed cheddar cheese (you know, those real cheddar ones that are expensive). I have yet to try it with Star Margarine too (just to see if it'd still be any good). But like what I said, this is a no-brainer and fail-free spread recipe for your sandwiches.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

BonChon Chicken at Ayala Triangle Gardens

What's a Christmas Light Show without chicken wings right? Well, at least that's what hubs was thinking when we were at the Ayala Triangle Gardens a few nights ago. Having read rave reviews of the BonChon chicken, he ordered some as takeout while we were dining at a nearby Vietnamese restaurant.

Unfortunately, my son and nepher threw tantrums so I failed to remember to take a picture. But BonChon chicken wings are really, really, really delicous. Well, I at least loved the soy garlic because it was really flavorful without turning me off with the garlic, as I am no garlic fan. And the twice-frying seems to be a really cool trick because it was very crispy without all that batter thick with oil we're used to with our fried chicken.

I didn't appreciate the hot & spicy BonChon chicken variant much because I feel it was way too hot for a person to appreciate the other flavors or seasonings. I mean, even the spiciest sweet chili crabs from Dampa delivers on other flavors, the BonChon, for me, was just plain hot.

All in all though, I am a convert and we have started recommending people to try it. We are also intent on mastering the twice-frying trick so we can enjoy similarly crisped chicken at home.

Then again, one can just call BonChon a day ahead for their chicken orders and not deal with the long queus during meal hours.

Rationalizing the Toy Box

Are you like me, a really thankful Mom for all the presents her sons received over the Holidays but has got to be honest that there's just not room for them all in their home? Unless we want to be tripping and slipping on them, maybe, or have them blocking the TV, the tables or the door. Okay, I exaggerate but really, there are just way too many toys in our house right now.

If you are like me, then do what I am doing and intend to do.

First, reuse handy boxes to make sense of the chaos. Employ the use of plastic chests if you can afford to buy more, baskets if you have any. Use shelves for the xbox and other electronics that will be used often but really need their special place otherwise they will be stomped on. Then, set a rule: put back or the toy goes on timeout. For the really stubborn child, put the toy/toy box in storage for months or give them away. At least, this way, it will be the child's fault, err, responsibility. Plus, having special containers will allow parents to just offer a box of goodies and keep the rest of the toys away... then, the parents can switch boxes and it'd be like having new toys for the kids just because they missed playing with their old toys.

You can also donate or give away the toys. If something hasn't been played with for months, chances are, it won't be missed. Plus, there are sure to be toys that have been outgrown and toys that are already broken. And with broken toys, be honest: will you or the hubby really find time to fix it or you're just deluding yourself into thinking you're Handy Manny.

If the toys are new and unopened, you may also choose to recycle them as gifts instead and not let your child open yet another electronic book or play with yet another ball. Just make sure you don't accidentally return the gift to the originally giver.

Kids dont even need a box full of toys to be happy. Sometimes, having too much toys also get them bored because they never learn the art of make-believe.
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