Monday, December 06, 2010

Time to Dress Warmly

It's not yet as cool as our usual Decembers but it's still time to dress a little more warmly now. Being tropical, we have no use for muffs and thick leather jackets as well as knowledge of snow chains and snowblower parts but the time for sundresses and sleeveless tops is not now.

But what if you find yourself in a really crowded place or one that's not so well-ventilated? then, I guess you can do what they do in colder countries and just strategize by layering.

Wear that fab tank top with an equally fab scarf. Then, have either a jacket or shawl handy in your bag or car. Use coats which you can button up when the place is cooler or when night time falls.

For your kids, make sure you have jackets ready. And when outside at night, at least make them don bonnets or caps. Also, make sure you make them wear shoes requiring socks, instead of flimsy slippers that will also get their feet cold.

Christmas is wasted on the sick, so make sure you keep warm.

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