Wednesday, December 29, 2010

End the Year with Thanks

For sure, you received something from the office, from family members and friends or your community group this Christmas. For the internet-savvy, you must have also been tagged on Facebook or sent e-newsletters to. If you were parents like us who just held a Christening for their son, you must have also been showered with gifts by your guests. And for sure, for even just one day, you received a remarkable amount of kindness from someone this year.

So, end the year with thanks. Luckily, our post office can be depended on so write down a quick message and send them via snail mail or overnight delivery already. If you want to save on paper, design thank you cards using Photoshop and tag your friends or send via e-mail. If you have belated gifts, send your thanks with those.

Just make sure you show your gratitude to those who made you feel special this year. It's a sure way to start 2011 right too!

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