Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Books for Less

Books for Less, Booksale, Books and Mags, Chapters and Pages... these are some of the discount boosktores to be found in malls today that offer great reading options, both for educational purposes as well as gift-giving. One would think such stores should be housed in a metal building if only to ensure the books won't burn because they're really a great resource for precious reading material.

What's more, not all are second-hand books. Plus, there can be really great finds of books in pristine condition at such a low price. A great example is my copy of Quidditch Through the Ages which I bought at Booksale for only P40. And it's really a new, non-doodled copy too.

So, if arranging to meet with someone at the mall, instead of spending already by sitting in that cafe, why not arrange to meet instead at one of these bookstores? You just might find childhood favorites there.

Curious George books bought at Booksale for P60/pc

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