Monday, December 20, 2010

Artscow Cosmetic Bags - Review

These are the smallest of the Artscow cosmetic bags, shown front and back that is approximately 7 inches in width and 4 inches in height. I didn't realize that I was sort of expecting the picture to be printed on something like plastic, or that material used for tarpaulins. Something with a shiny finish, at least. Instead, I got a cosmetic bag that's cloth and resembled pencil cases.

This is not to say I was unhappy with my purchase though. First, I got all these for only $8 (so make sure you take advantage of promos).

The cosmetic bag seems to be well-made but can only accommodate a compact powder, a liner, one or two lipsticks and a comb. More than that and the stitching might give, plus the pictures will get distorted. And one must not forget that the objective of the purchase was to have something personalized.

I haven't tried washing it yet (since we just got it) so I cannot comment on that yet. One other tip though is to really use good photos (with nice contrast) and dark colors (especially for the background). Using light colors just make the bag seem washed out already. Don't shy away from vivid because the printing will be vivid.

Will I order some again? Sure, why not! If the price is right.

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