Friday, November 12, 2010

Som's Noodle House

Som's Noodle House has a reputation of being a great go-to restaurant for Thai fare. However, after Jatujak, we weren't really impressed.

This is not to say that Som's Noodle House isn't worth a visit. First of all, it's really affordable and considering the high-end restaurants in the Rockwell/Power Plant area, that is one serious perk. And then, it's also not intimidating because it will actually remind you of the usual Chinese restaurant in Quiapo. Hubs, who have been to Thailand several times, said that Som's outdoor tables (with all those big umbrellas) are very Thai street fare.

We only tried three dishes and they were good, and grows on you.

an order of pandan chicken which weren't uniformly cooked, because one of these was very dry and a little tough, the other was just okay and the last one really tender and juicy

an order of shrimp fried rice that's good for 2-4 people (it will come with three big pieces of shrimp)

phad thai which was delicious (we loved its chicken and egg pieces over the pandan chicken) but came already seasoned with lemon/calamansi so it was already real tangy

Som's Noodle House Thai Iced Tea which I didn't try but which hubs says is a real winner and the thing Som's patrons really rave about

It's not a place I'd keep going back to (being no fan of Thai food) but I also won't mind finding myself there from time to time. And I loved that they gave us a pitcher of water with glasses filled with ice (very Thai of them) without us having to ask.

Som's Noodle House
5921 Alger Street
Poblacion, Makati (aka Rockwell gilid)
757-8079 / 483-3554 (you can call them for food orders and just pick up)

325 Maysilo Street, Barangay Plainview, Mandaluyong
(near Andok's and Baliwag)

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