Sunday, November 21, 2010

OB Ward at Asian Hospital

Asian Hospital was offering package deliveries before but has since stopped. But they still have an OB ward for those who want to give birth at Asian Hospital but want to save on costs.

Only one room that accommodates four patients composes their OB ward so it's really on a first come, first served basis. Fortunately for those with scheduled operations (say, for cyst removal or sheduled CS delivery), you can e-mail and reserve a slot at the OB ward/room preferred. A lot will still depend on discharges and room availability but at least, you will be given priority when the room/bed you want becomes available.

Just like in any ward, you will be subject to waiting your turn at the CR, overhearing conversations, putting up with your neigbors' visitors & noises and maybe a little unhappy with how cool the A/C is. But privacy aside, each bed at the OB ward has a curtain that provides some level of privacy and a feeling that you're in your own room. There is also ample space to move about for your nurse and caregiver. Your caregiver, however, will have to make do with a couch for sleep (unless the other beds in the ward are available).

At P600/day, the OB ward is a sure cheaper option. Food served by Makati Skyline (all meals and two snacks) is still well-prepared. In fact, the only thing my caregivers didn't like was the powdered juice with the snacks. You also get assigned nurses and your bed still gets made every day. You can also still room in your baby. You also get your morning paper. The bed is still this electronic thing you can adjust on your own with just a push on a button. I believe, you also get a discharge dinner (which we didn't get to enjoy because we had ourselves discharged earlier).

You also get a maternity bag with freebies from different companies manufacturing baby products (like Huggies newborn diapers, Oilatum, Vadol, etc).

So, although I don't have any plans of getting pregnant again, I would still highly recommend those who want to save on costs to make do at Asian Hospital's OB ward. And yes, I'd gladly stay there again.

For more info, just visit their website


jho said...

I will also be giving birth at Asian Hospital & we also chose the OB Ward to minimize costs. May I ask how much was your total hospital bill so that I can have an idea of the costs? Hope that's ok?

Mec said...

Jho... for 4 days, 3 nights stay and scheduled CS, we spent P107 all in all

almost P42k for the OB's PF
P8k for the pedia's PF
P30k for my hospital charges
P10k for my baby's charges
and the rest for the anesthesiologist's PF

we also roomed in our baby... a lot will depend on the PFs and I guess what other charges you incur at the ward (and I guess, what meds are prescribed to you)

I also don't know if the pain reliever used on me during the surgery (tramadol) and post-op cost more or less than general anesthesia (kasi I have strong allergic history)

Unknown said...

hi..who's your ob at asian?

Mec said...

Star... Dra. Blanca de Guia :)

Chiqui Brosas said...

I found your blog informative. I hope you don't mind. I posted your link in my site. Thanks!

Hannah Grace said...

Hi. Thanks for the informative post. Ask ko lang if the figures you posted sa comment included Philhealth deduction na. Saka is the baby still required to use a bassinet or mas baby-friendly na sila, allowing the baby to sleep with mommy?

And last, pinayagan ba si hubby mo sa labor room?

Mec said...

Hannah... I was scheduled CS kasi but at Asian, husbands are allowed in the labor room, delivery room and operating room

And yes, Philhealth deducted na yang gastos namin back in 2010

And I think the bassinet always comes with the baby kasi sometimes din, you won't be sleeping with the baby and much safer if asa bassinet sya than left in the big bed. They won't stop you naman from sleeping with the baby eh...

I got to room in my baby after 3 hours back then... baka faster na ngayon :)

Angeli25 said...

Is dra de guia a nice doctor? Or one of those scary ones?

Mec said...

haha... she's not scary but is also not the motherly, hand-holding type... she's not cold but more professional and cool than personal and nice

she'll answer Your Qs if you raise them... she'll give you options... but yun nga, hindi sya warm, motherly type :)

Svelte Rogue said...

Hi mec... How much na kaya ngayon ang on ward sa Asian? Kc I'm having a scheduled cs dahil breech is baby and I'm 37.5 weeks already. Mahal ng pf mo even back then!

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