Monday, November 29, 2010

Jumbo Magnifiers from Clever Cats

We passed by the Clever Cats stall at the Noel Bazaar and I was contemplating a sticker book while my son was oggling the other wooden toys when I saw magnifying glasses rimmed/framed in plastic. These Jumbo Magnifiers, which cost P350, were beside huge magnets (which cost P150 and also encased in clorful plastic).

At first, I was amazed at how I never thought of how much fun a magnifying glass would be to a child. Then we tested it on my 3-year old and he was hooked. It was like we gave him a new set of eyes for seeing the world.

My son didn't ask to be carried anymore. Instead, he walked magnifying everything on eye level in every stall we passed. When I browsed through necklaces, he scrutinized the beads. When we passed bags, he checked out the sequins. He tried magnifying everything and was so absorbed and intent in a whole new world.

I was so happy with this buy. He couldn't wait to get home and find ants! This is highly-recommended as a gift idea to preschoolers. If you can't find one, try ordering from Clever Cats (

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